EA Unveils Trailers for ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2′, ‘Anthem’, ‘Madden 18′, and More for E3 2017!!! Check It Out!!

Let me be honest here for a few seconds: I do not follow video games very closely. I know, I know! Every time I do get a chance to grab a few games and kick back with a little playtime, I’m blown away with the level of imagination and sheer entertainment value that most major titles boast. Even for someone who grew up as a strict Nintendo devotee, games like the Uncharted series, No Man’s Sky, and the continuing Final Fantasy series continue to support the convincing argument that video games, at their best, are art. And I’m not even bringing up indie wonders like Don’t Starve or Firewatch in this.

So, in watching the initial range of games that EA is releasing trailers for in anticipation of E3, which officially kicks off on June 13th, I was torn between being impressed by the look of the gameplay and the quality of design, and the knowledge that only one of these titles, at best, will make its way into the day-to-day schedule of my life. My interest in EA Sports titles has always been bottom of the barrel but Madden 18, with its newfangled story mode, looks genuinely engaging and fun to play. The same can be said for Battlefront 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the beloved Star Wars game, which looks to give die-hard fans of the series every reason to purchase a console and never stop playing this game.

You can check out the reveal/gameplay trailers for titles like Anthem, FIFA 18, Need for Speed: Payback, and the rest of the trailers shown at EA Play right below.

‘Madden 18 – Longshot’

The first Madden title to include a story mode in which you can play as a player on the rise in the world of the NFL.

‘Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar’

The most extensive expansion of Battlefield to be released thus far allows the player to join the Russian army at the violent, blistering front.

‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’

The follow-up to EA’s popular Battlefront will arrive on November 17th and includes a variety of familiar characters from the cinematic universe.

‘Need for Speed: Payback’

The latest entry in the long-running driver franchise will hit stores nationwide on November 10th.

‘FIFA 18’

The latest installment in the beloved EA Sports series will hit stores on September 29th.

‘A Way Out’

This EA Originals release allows you to play the role of one of two prisoners trying to escape from a maximum-security prison and will be available for players in early 2018.


The latest enigmatic title from the creators of Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG title and, well, not much else is known right now. No release date has been announced either.

‘NBA Live 18 – The One’

The latest installment in the EA Sports title will arrive this August in stores nationwide.

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