‘IT: Chapter 2′ Gets 2019 Release Date!!!

IT has been a bona fide phenomenon since its debut, crashing through any tracking for what it might make at the box office, and shattering records left and right. For the horrorphobic like myself, that means endless fear of Pennywise images and a new reticence towards red balloons. But for New Line and Warner Bros., it’s surely been nothing but celebration.

Today the two studios have announced the release date for the sequel to IT as September 6, 2019, where it will debut in regular theaters and IMAX screens (for those who like to be even more terrified).

The movie has revived a sluggish summer box office, and continues to put up big numbers as it becomes the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie in the U.S. ever. Ever!

As THR has reported, IT screenwriter Gary Dauberman will be returning to pen the sequel. Though there has been no official announcement, it’s presumed that Andy Muschietti will be returning to direct. With such a huge success on their hands, in fact, it’s unlikely that much will change in terms of producers, etc, as well. There will, of course, be some new cast members, as Chapter 1 took place in the past, and Chapter 2 will be in the present. However, the beloved stars of Chapter 1 will also reportedly be appearing in the sequel in flashbacks, so fear not.


via Collider

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