Vikas Bahl’s Name Dropped From Ranveer Singh’s 83′ And Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30!!!

Vikas Bahl, who was one of the co-producers of Ranveer Singh’s 83′ under the now dissolved Phantom Films and the director of Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30, will no longer be given credits for both the films. Given the sexual harassment allegations against the filmmaker, people within the industry have chosen not to work with him. Even Kangana Ranaut, who worked with him in Queen, stated how he used to make discomforting physical contacts with her and brag about his multiple swindles and sexual relationships. All these revelations were shocking.

Kabir Khan, who’s directing 83′, confirmed in a recent interview and said, “Yes Vikas Bahl will not have any credit on 83′.” Also, a source close to Hrithik’s film said, There is too much stake, too many careers including Hrithik Roshan. Phantom and Reliance Entertainment are the joint producers, so Phantom alone cannot take a call. Super 30 is not just about Vikas Bahl. They can’t demolish a dream just because one of the components has gone bad. They will instead amputate the bad part. Yes, they are going to delete his name from the credits of Super 30.”

Now the question is- Who will be credited as the director of Super 30?


via Bollyworm

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