‘A Star Is Born’ Returning to Theaters with 12 Minutes of New Footage!!!

In an alternate universe, A Star Is Born swept the Oscars on Sunday night. Bradley Cooper hit a triple with wins for Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay, Lady Gaga won two Oscars—Best Original Song and Best Actress—and the film took the stage at the end of the night to receive Best Picture, pulling off the first “Big Five” win since The Silence of the Lambs. Alas, we do not live in that universe.

I’ll never quite understand how A Star Is Born’s Oscar campaign tanked so spectacularly. The film was anointed the frontrunner back in September, which can be harmful (see: The Social Network and La La Land), but even as films like Roma and Green Book gained traction, A Star Is Born remained the big, bold, romantic, and immaculately executed film that exemplified Hollywood filmmaking at its best. And yet, the film won just a single Oscar for Best Original Song.

Nevertheless, great films have a way of rising to the top over time, and I expect A Star Is Born is going to age quite well. To that end, Warner Bros. is celebrating the film’s Oscar success by releasing the movie back in theaters with 12 minutes of new footage.

The special “encore” edition of A Star Is Born features extended performances of “Black Eyes” and “’Alibi” as well as Lady Gaga’s initial rendition of “Shallow,” plus new and additional footage from other scenes throughout the movie—including the writing of a song called “Clover.” This encore edition is also available on the film’s home video release, but really, there’s nothing like seeing this one on the big screen.

The one-week run of A Star Is Born back in theaters begins this coming Friday, March 1st, and will encompass 1,150 theaters. Warner Bros. doesn’t exactly need the box office boost—the film has grossed an incredibly impressive $425.3 million worldwide—so this really is more of a chance to celebrate this terrific piece of filmmaking in the ideal setting. Explain to me again how this lost Best Sound Mixing to Bohemian Rhapsody?

Ah nevermind. Let’s just watch that “Shallow” performance again.

via Collider

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