‘Indiana Jones 5’ Release Moved to July 2022!!

Disney confirmed a massive re-shuffling of its major upcoming titles due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the much-delayed untitled Indiana Jones 5 got caught in the mess. The film, which was previously dated for July 9, 2021, has been moved to July 29, 2022.

This is just the latest hiccup in what’s been a wild ride getting Indiana Jones back on the screen, a process that’s been happening on and off (and on and off again) pretty much since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull debuted in 2008. Just this February, the franchise made a massive shift when it was announced James Mangold would take over directing duties from Steven Spielberg, marking the first time anyone other than the Raiders of the Lost Ark filmmaker would helm an Indy feature. Harrison Ford is still set to reprise the lead role, and according to the actor, production was scheduled to start right around now.

Assuming this movie ever makes it to the screen—and despite all the obstacles and the fact Crystal Skull is an unholy abomination better left unmentioned, I still want it to happen—plot details are still few and far between. Back in February, the most Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy would offer is that “it’s not a reboot, it’s a continuation.”


via Collider

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