‘Heart of Stone’: Gal Gadot to Star in Original Spy Thriller!!

Gal Gadot has added another (potential) franchise to her resumé with the international spy thriller Heart of Stone. As reported by Deadline, the actress scored what’s reportedly an eight-figure deal with SkydanceMedia to star in the film, placing her in the upper echelon of highest-paid actresses.An original idea described as a female 007 / Mission: Impossible, Heart of Stone was scripted by renowned comic-book writer Greg Rucka (The Old Guard) and Oscar nominee Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures). The Aeronauts director Tom Harper is currently in talks to helm the project. Gadot will produce via Pilot Wave with Jaron Varsano, Bonnie Curtis, and Julie Lynn, alongside Skydance’s David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger. Skydance is exploring distribution options as to whether the film will have a theatrical run or will debut on streaming. (Considering the havoc the pandemic has wreaked on movie theaters over the past year, keeping their options open is a totally understandable move.)Gadot’s made a name for herself as a capable action star, first with supporting roles in the Fast & Furiousfranchise and then with her blockbuster superhero film Wonder Woman. Her next film, the Wonder Woman sequel Wonder Woman 1984, hits theaters and HBOMax December 25th. She’s a smart pick to lead a potential new action franchise, and the names attached to the project are promising. I found The Old Guard merely OK, but Rucka has had fantastic runs on several popular comic book series, so crafting an engaging action thriller is certainly in his wheelhouse. And Schroeder’s Oscar nom pedigree makes me extremely curious to see what story they’ve cooked up.


via Collider

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