‘Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters’: First Trailer Reveals the Documentary on the ‘Hellboy’ Creator!! Check It Out!!

Iterations of the half-demon “occult detective” Hellboy have appeared in numerous types of media, from comic books to collectibles to multiple adventures on the big screen. Now, the man behind the horned hero is finally getting to tell his own story. Award-winning creator Mike Mignola will headline a documentary about the trajectory of his career titled Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters, which is also currently being backed on Kickstarter starting today through the month of March.

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters takes an up-close and personal look at one of the most well-known names in comics, starting with Mignola’s beginnings as an inker for Marvel Comics and culminating in the popularity of Hellboy not just as a character but as a franchise. In addition to interviews with Mignola, the feature-length doc features a wealth of talent across various industries, including author Neil Gaiman, Mythbusters host Adam Savage, Hellboy cast members Doug Jones and Vanessa Eichhotlz, Dark Horse Publisher and founder Mike Richardson, and Marvel EVP of Creative Development Joe Quesada, as well as other novelists and comic book writers, artists, and colorists who will discuss the impact of Mignola’s work on their own careers.

Co-directors and producers Jim Demonakos and Kevin Hanna spoke via press release about the impressive scope of the documentary, as well as their goals for its potential success on Kickstarter. “There’s already eighty hours of footage in the can that we have shot over the last year and a half,” said Hanna. “This is an ambitious in-depth documentary to celebrate Mignola’s legacy in style.”

“We’re bringing the project to Kickstarter to secure the financing to shoot additional interviews, edit the film and score, and bring the film to market,” added Demonakos. “We want existing fans and curious readers alike to experience Mignola’s art and his incredible world of monsters and misfits.”

Supporters of the Kickstarter can anticipate a very impressive amount of swag, with tiers featuring copies of Drawing Monsters either digitally or on Blu-ray, original artwork, a commission from Mignola himself, and a campaign-exclusive Hellboy Portfolio Print Set including artwork from Dave Stewart, Laurence Campbell, Duncan Fegredo, Alex Maleev, and others who have previously supplied art to Mignola’s books.

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters is still currently in production, with an estimated wrap in fall/winter 2021, and is currently slated for a spring 2022 release. You can watch the first trailer below, and check out the Kickstarter for the film here.


via Collider

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