‘The Tourist’: First Images Teases the Jamie Dornan led HBO Max Series!! Check It Out!!

Jamie Dornan is ready to do whatever it takes to figure out who he used to be in the upcoming HBO Max show, The Tourist. Dornan is hot off his success in Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar and getting to see him shine in a gritty role like The Man is going to be a wonderful change of pace for the Fifty Shades of Grey star.

Also starring Danielle Macdonald, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, and Alex Dimitriades, the series also has Mindhunter’s Damon Herriman playing Lachlan Rogers (replacing Hugo Weaving). The Tourist was originally for the BBC from Two Brothers Pictures (which also gave us the Amazon Prime smash-hit Fleabag).

The Tourist is going to be a show filled with quirky characters and be action filled while also having a comedic edge to the show. The six-episode series is written by BAFTA-nominated and Emmy-winning producers and screenwriters Harry Williams and Jack Williams, who are also serving as executive producers with Christopher Aird and Andrew Benson.

The first look images show Dornan with a beard and crew cut hairstyle filling his gas tank, driving down a road, and standing outside. All looking as if he’s somehow on the run from something and simultaneously searching for something. Which fits with the description of The Tourist perfectly.

Here’s the synopsis for The Tourist:

“Full of shocking, surprising, funny and brutal turns, THE TOURIST is set in a world populated by quirky, enigmatic characters and off-beat comedy punctuates high-stakes action. At its heart, however, is a story of self-discovery with a ticking timebomb underneath: as The Man starts to uncover the mystery of who he was, he’s also forced to ask who he is now – and fast. Will he unlock the secrets of his identify before those who are trying to kill him catch up with him?

Jamie Dornan stars as a British man who finds himself in the glowing red heart of the Australian outback, being pursued by a vast tank truck trying to drive him off the road. An epic cat and mouse chase unfolds and the man later wakes in hospital, hurt, but somehow alive. Except he has no idea who he is. With merciless figures from his past pursuing him, The Man’s search for answers propels him through the vast and unforgiving outback.”

Dornan has proven to us all time and time again of his talent. He’s funny, he’s willing to take risks, and The Tourists definitely sounds like another HBO Max hit that we can’t wait to see! Sadly, there is no release date for the show just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information drops.


via Collider

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