‘The Prank’: Rita Moreno to Star in Dark Comedy Feature!!!

According to Deadline, one of the most prolific entertainers in Hollywood, Rita Moreno, has been cast as the star of the upcoming dark comedy The Prank. Moreno will star alongside Ramona Young and Connor Kalopsis, with Maureen Bharoocha (Golden Arm) signed on as director.

In the film, Moreno will play physics teacher Mrs. Wheeler, who is notoriously hard on her students and makes their lives difficult. So difficult, in fact, that two of her students – played by Young and Kalopsis – decide to pull a very serious prank on her. When one of their fellow students goes missing, the two pupils point an accusatory finger at their teacher.

Moreno is an EGOT winner, meaning that she has accomplished one of the most difficult tasks in the entertainment industry: winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award. The Oscar came from one of her most well-known roles as Anita in West Side Story. She earned a Tony for her role in The Ritz. She also won two Emmys back in the late 70s for guest appearances on The Rockford Files and The Muppet Show, and a Grammy for lending vocals to “The Electric Company,” which was voted the Best Children’s Album that year by the academy.

Young has starred in hit shows like Z Nation, Santa Clarita Diet, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and currently has a supporting role in Netflix‘s coming-of-age teen dramedy Never Have I Ever. Kalopsis has appeared on Days of Our Lives and in Rob Lowe’s 2015 comedy series The Grinder. Before Golden Arm, Bharoocha also directed 2015’s Fatal Flip and 2016’s I Am Watching You. Filming for The Prank begins later this month.


via Collider

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