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‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘The Bye Bye Man’ Top as Other New Releases Flop While ‘Rogue One’ Passes $500 Million at the BO!!!


It wasn’t necessarily an exciting Martin Luther King weekend, though it is rather astonishing to see how poorly all but one of the weekend’s new and expanding wide releases performed. The weekend’s successes find Hidden Figures leading the way for a second weekend, followed by Golden Globe juggernaut La La Land while it was STX‘s The Bye Bye Man that over performed against tracking and delivered the best new opening among the weekend’s new and expanding releases, more than doubling the film’s production budget over the four-day weekend.

At #1 for a second weekend in a row, Fox‘s Hidden Figures delivered an estimated $20.4 million for the three-day and is expected to finish over $25 million for the holiday weekend as its domestic cume will near $60 million by end of day Monday.

Finishing in second for the three-day is Lionsgate‘s La La Land, delivering an impressive $14.5 million for the three-day (+43.1%) from 1,848 theaters (+333), including 148 IMAX theaters, and expected to top $17 million for the four-day weekend as its domestic cume nears $80 million. Additionally, the film scored an estimated $17.8 million internationally which includes its opening weekend in the UK with $7.3 million and a #1 finish. The film’s international cume has now reached $54.8 million as its worldwide gross climbs to over $130 million through Monday. La La Land will next hit theaters in Brazil on the 19th followed by France, Italy, Belgium and Sweden the following week. Domestically the next major expansion is expected to be the weekend after next, following the Oscar nominations.

The first of the weekend’s new releases finds STX‘s The Bye Bye Man with a fifth place finish for the three-day as it took advantage of its Friday the 13th release date. The PG-13 chiller outperformed expectations, delivering an estimated $13.38 million over the three-day weekend and is expected to top $15 million for the four-day, which would more than double the film’s $7.4 million production budget. Internationally the film debuted in eleven markets and brought in an estimated $1.3 million including a seventh place opening in the UK with an estimated $700k. The film will debut in Brazil on February 9 followed by releases in Mexico (March 17), Italy (April 19), Germany (April 20) and Spain (May 5).

Looking ahead domestically, STX has proven to be powerful marketers when it comes to low budget horror following The Gift and The Boy. Should Bye Bye Man follow suit it would be looking to top $40 million for its domestic run. Of course, The Forest debuted last January with $12.7 million and only went on to gross $26.5 million. Bye Bye‘s “C” CinemaScore matches that of The Forest (rather than the “B” range for both The Gift and The Boy) leading us to believe the film’s overall run is likely to settle around $34 million. Bye Bye Man‘s opening weekend demographics showed the film playing to an audience that was 61% female with 75% of the overall audience coming in under the age of 25.

Next we come to Patriots Day, which fell well short of both industry and Mojo‘s weekend expectations as it grossed an estimated $12 million for the three-day weekend in its expansion into 3,120 theaters following a three-week limited run in seven theaters. The film is expected to gross just over $14 million for the four-day as its inability to reach the $20 million four-day many anticipated is most likely due to it not quite catching on as well as expected in middle America. The question now is just how good its legs will be as it did score an “A” CinemaScore during its limited run and an “A+” during its national breakout this weekend. At this time comparisons are being made to Hacksaw Ridge and 13 Hours, which would mean the difference between an overall run over $50 or around $40 million respectively. At this time a run ending around $43 million seems about right.

Paramount’s release of Monster Trucks opened with an estimated $10.5 million for the three-day and is expected to gross just over $14 million for the four-day weekend. The film cost a reported $125 million and caused parent company Viacom to take a $115 million write-down last year. The film did manage to score an “A” CinemaScore from opening day audiences of which 60% was under 25 and gave the film an “A+”. The opening weekend’s audience was 47% female vs. 53% male and, if it’s lucky, it might be able to eek out a $35-40 million domestic run.

Internationally, Monster Trucks has opened in 17 overseas markets so far and brought in an estimated $4 million this weekend bringing its international gross to $14.7 million.

Finishing in eighth position is Open Road‘s corrupt cop thriller Sleepless, which opened with an estimated $8.46 million for the three-day and is expected to gross just over $10 million for the four-day weekend. The film scored a “B+” CinemaScore and could be looking at a run around $26 million.

Missing the top ten and delivering truly disastrous results is Ben Affleck‘s Live by Night, which brought in an estimated $5.4 million as it expanded into 2,822 theaters after playing in only four theaters since Christmas Day. The film also debuted internationally this weekend in 25 territories where it brought in an estimated $3.3 million including $873,000 from the UK, $720k from Russia and a $265k opening in Taiwan. The film will open this Wednesday in France followed by releases in Australia (Jan 26), Spain (Jan 27) and Germany (Feb 2).

Also expanding this weekend was Martin Scorsese‘s Silence, playing in 747 theaters (+696) and brought in an estimated $1.9 million for the three-day and is expected to finish around $2.3 million for the four-day weekend.

Finally, this weekend saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story become the #1 release of 2016 with an estimated $13.8 million for the three-day which will climb to over $17 million by Monday, at which time it will become the only 2016 release to top $500 million domestically and only the seventh film of all-time to reach that mark.

Next weekend will see the return of Vin Diesel as the title character in Paramount‘s xXx: The Return of Xander Cage and M. Night Shyamalan‘s Split, both debuting in ~3,000 theaters along with The Weinstein Co‘s The Founder and High Top‘s The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, both opening in over 1,000 theaters. Additionally A24 will expand 20th Century Women nationwide while releasing Trespass Against Us into limited theaters.

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Title Weekend Gross Weeks
Hidden Figures $20.5M $54.8M 4
La La Land $14.5M $74.1M 6
Sing $13.8M $233.0M 4
Rogue One $13.8M $498.9M 5
The Bye Bye Man $13.4M $13.4M 1
Patriots Day $12.0M $12.9M 4
Monster Trucks $10.5M $10.5M 1
Sleepless $8.5M $8.5M 1
Underworld: Blood Wars $5.8M $23.9M 2
Passengers $5.6M $90.0M 4
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‘Rogue One’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ Kicks Off 2017 with Tight Race for #1 At the BO!!


Domestic weekend estimates are in, for the time being Rogue One: A Star Wars Story holds the top spot over Fox‘s expanded release of Hidden Figures by less than $200,000. The weekend’s lone new wide release, Screen Gems‘s Underworld: Blood Wars, scored a fourth place finish while Focus‘s expansion of A Monster Calls failed to generate much interest despite strong reviews and audience response, ultimately finishing outside the top ten.

Currently holding the #1 spot for the weekend is Disney‘s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which dropped 55.7% and finished with an estimated $21.97 million as its domestic cume climbs to $477.2 million, placing it just $9 million behind Finding Dory as it is soon to become the highest grossing release of 2016.

In addition to its domestic gross, Rogue One added another $56.6 million internationally this weekend from 57 markets bringing its overseas total to $437.1 million for a global cume of $914.4 million. This places Rogue One ahead of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Secret Life of Pets making it the fifth largest worldwide release of 2016, giving Walt Disney Studios the top five global releases for 2016.

Of that international haul this weekend, Rogue One opened in its last international territory this weekend, China, where it brought in an estimated $31 million for the three-day, only 61% of Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ two-day opening weekend. Nevertheless it was the #1 film in China this weekend, pulling in an estimated 56% market share.

As for Rogue One‘s #1 finish, we’ll have to wait until actuals come in to see if it holds up as Rogue One‘s lead over current second place finisher, Hidden Figures, is a mere $172,000 and rival studios currently place Hidden Figures at #1.

Hidden Figures expanded nationwide this weekend into 2,471 theaters (+2,446) and finished with an impressive $21.8 million. One factor contributing to the questions surrounding not only its weekend gross, but the weekend gross for all films in release, is several theaters in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Virginia and parts of the Deep South either closed early yesterday or shut down completely as a result of severe winter weather. Nevertheless, Hidden Figures is off to an excellent start and its future looks bright after receiving an “A+” CinemaScore from Friday audiences and a 5/5 from PostTrak. The films demographic breakdown as 64% female vs. 36% male with 56% of the audience coming in under the age of 35. Additionally, 43% of the audience was Caucasian, 37% African American and 13% Hispanic.

Finishing in third place and perhaps the film that looks to have been the most affected by the winter storm is Universal and Illumination‘s Sing, bringing in an estimated $19.57 million. After Friday estimates it was looking like Sing could bring in as much as $25 million this weekend, which only means next weekend’s holds for the top three could make for a very good, extended Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. Sing‘s domestic cume currently stands at $213.3 million and with an additional $26.4 million coming in internationally this weekend its global cume is now $356.87 million.

In fourth we find Screen GemsUnderworld: Blood Wars, which finished with an estimated $13.1 million domestically from 3,070 theaters. This is the lowest opening for any film in the Underworld franchise, including 2009’s Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Yet, it did manage a “B+” CinemaScore and with the winter storm affecting the overall box office it could deliver a decent hold next weekend. The studio has yet to report international grosses for Blood Wars as of publication of this article.

Rounding out the top five is Lionsgate‘s La La Land with an estimated $10 million as its domestic cume climbs to $51.6 million ahead of tonight’s Golden Globe Awards where it looks to take home a few top level awards in the Musical/Comedy division including Best Picture and Actress and Actor for its two leads, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The film will continue to expand next weekend, including opening in select IMAX locations.

Finishing outside the top ten in its expansion weekend is FocusA Monster Calls, which expanded into 1,523 theaters and brought in an estimated $2 million. Commenting on the film’s performance, Lisa Bunnell, President Distribution for Focus said, “While we’re a little disappointed with the expansion this weekend, the CinemaScore (A), exit polls and reviews are all strong. There’s certainly a passionate audience that we hope can grow the film over the coming weeks. J.A. Bayona is one of the world’s most visionary filmmakers and has made an emotional, visually spectacular film with beautiful performances.”

Also expanding this weekend ahead of its nationwide expansion next weekend was Martin Scorsese‘s Silence, which played in 51 theaters (+47) and brought in an estimated $480,000 ($9,412 per theater). The film will be heading into approximately 750 theaters next weekend.

The second of next weekend’s wide expansions is Ben Affleck‘s Live by Night, which has had a tough go in limited release. The film has so far brought in just $170,000 from four theaters after 15 days in release and is looking to release in 2,700+ theaters next weekend. At this point we’ll be looking to 2013’s Gangster Squad and its $17 million January opening as a bar for comparison.

Finally, the last of next weekend’s expansions, and the one that seems to be making the most of its limited release, is Peter Berg‘s Patriots Day which has played in the same seven locations in New York, Los Angeles and Boston since its release 19 days ago and has so far amassed $870,414. It too was affected by the winter weather this weekend and as for next weekend it will be heading into ~2,900 theaters with early tracking suggesting a three-day performance anywhere from $15-20 million.

Otherwise, next weekend also features the wide release of STX‘s horror feature The Bye Bye Man in ~2,300 theaters, Open Road‘s Sleepless in ~2,000 theaters and Paramount‘s Monster Trucks, which is already looking like the first bomb of the year after the studio took a $115 million write-down on the feature last September.

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Gross  Weeks
Rogue One $22.0M $477.3M 4
Hidden Figures $21.8M $24.8M 3
Sing $19.6M $213.4M 3
Underworld: Blood Wars $13.1M $13.1M 1
La La Land $10.0M $51.7M 5
Passengers $8.8M $80.9M 3
Why Him? $6.5M $48.6M 3
Moana $6.4M $225.4M 7
Fences $4.7M $40.7M 4
Assassin’s Creed $3.8M $49.5M 3
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‘Rogue One’ Crosses $400 Million, ‘Sing’ Scores Over New Year’s Box Office!!!


“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Sing” loomed large at the multiplexes over the New Year’s holiday, racking up the biggest grosses and ringing out 2016 on a high note.

The Star Wars spinoff topped the box office for the third consecutive weekend, earning just under $50 million for the three-day period and a projected $64 million for the four-day holiday. The movie business is tacking Monday on to New Year’s weekend, because many companies and schools are observing it as a national holiday. The weekend gross pushes the space opera over the $400 million mark domestically. It currently ranks as the year’s second highest-grossing domestic release, with $425 million, behind only “Finding Dory.” “Rogue One” concludes a record-annihilating year for Disney. The studio became the first to top $7 billion in a single year, has fielded four of the five top grossing domestic releases, and should see four of its movies top $1 billion at the global box office.

“Sing,” the latest collaboration between Illumination and Universal, racked up $41.4 million during its second weekend in theaters. It is projected to earn $53.7 million for the four-day holiday weekend and has made $177.3 million stateside. It’s the second smash of 2016 for Illumination, the maker of “Despicable Me.” The company also scored with last summer’s “The Secret Life of Pets.” “Sing” centers on a talent competition for animals and features vocal turns by the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, and Taron Egerton.

In third place “Passengers,” a critically-derided science-fiction romance with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, earned $16.1 million over the three-day weekend and $20.7 million over the four day. As of Sunday, its domestic haul stands at $61.4 million. With a $110 million budget and millions more spent in promotion, “Passengers” will need a lift from foreign audiences if it hopes to make money.

The same is true for Fox’s “Assassin’s Creed,” which took in $8 million for the weekend and a projected $10 million for the holiday. The video game adaptation has earned $41 million since opening over Christmas — a dispiriting result given its hefty $125 million budget. Movies made from games are a mixed bag. For every hit like “Mortal Combat” or “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” there are a slew of duds such as “Warcraft” and “Prince of Persia.”

Fox is having more luck with “Why Him?” The R-rated comedy earned $10 million over the three day period and an estimated $13 million for the four day holiday. The film about the rivalry between a father (Bryan Cranston) and his daughter’s fiancee (James Franco) has earned $37.6 million and cost an economical $38 million to produce.

It wasn’t all space aliens and singing animals. A number of Oscar favorites capitalized on the holidays. Paramount’s “Fences,” expanded nicely. Denzel Washington directs and stars as a domineering patriarch in the August Wilson adaptation, with Viola Davis playing a key supporting role as his long-suffering wife. The drama earned $10.2 million over the three-day weekend and an estimated $13 million for the holiday. It has made $32.7 million since debuting three weeks ago in limited release.

Lionsgate’s “La La Land,” continued to capitalize on awards buzz. The musical about two lovestruck Angelenos (Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) earned $9.5 million over the weekend and is projected to make $12.3 million over the four-day holiday. That would bring its gross to an estimated $37 million. On Friday, “La La Land” passed “Hell or High Water” to become the highest-grossing movie in limited release for the year.

Fox’s “Hidden Figures” continues to look strong. The drama about the African-American scientists and mathematicians who played pivotal roles in the early days of America’s space program, earned $815,000 for the three days and $1.1 million for the four days from just 25 theaters. It goes into wide release next weekend.

“20th Century Women” and “Paterson” were released just under the wire in order to qualify for Oscars. “20th Century Women,” a comedy-drama that’s earned some of the best reviews of Annette Bening’s career, earned $112,705 for the weekend. A24 is handling the rollout. “Patterson,” a drama about a poetic bus driver, made $70,760. It is being released by Amazon Studios and Bleecker Street.

Live by Night,” a gangster picture with Ben Affleck, appears to be shooting blanks. The film earned $32,000 from four locations for a paltry $7,995 per-screen average. That doesn’t exactly kick things off with a bang and putting Affleck in a fedora couldn’t have been cheap.

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Title Weekend Gross  Weeks
Rogue One $64.0M $286.0M 2
Sing $35.3M $55.9M 1
Passengers $15.1M $22.4M 1
Why Him? $11.0M $11.0M 1
Assassin’s Creed $10.3M $17.8M 1
Moana $7.7M $180.7M 5
Fences $6.7M $6.9M 2
La La Land $5.8M $13.6M 3
Office Christmas Party $5.1M $42.2M 3
Collateral Beauty $4.3M $15.3M 2
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