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‘Rise of Skywalker’ Tops $900M Globally, as ‘Grudge’ Debuts with $11.3M at the BO!!

Disney domination continues as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leads the way domestically for the third straight weekend, topping $450 million domestically and over $900 million worldwide while Frozen II has now become the highest grossing animated release of all time worldwide reaching $1.325 billion worldwide. As for Sony‘s new release of The Grudge, it topped expectations and rounded out the weekend’s top five, while nearly all of the weekend’s holdovers within the top ten dropped less than 40% compared to last weekend.

Disney‘s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brought in an estimated $33.7 million this weekend, dipping -53% to kick off its third week in release. The performance pushes the film’s domestic cume over $450 million, doing so in just 17 days. The film also added another $50.5 million internationally this weekend for an overseas cume that now stands at $468 million for a global total reaching $918.8 million as it will soon become Disney‘s seventh $1+ billion global release of 2019.

In second is the first of three Sony titles in the top five, Jumanji: The Next Level. The sequel enters its fourth week in release with an estimated $26.5 million this weekend, dipping just -25% as the film’s domestic cume now stands at $236.2 million. While it is still pacing behind the first film in terms of overall domestic cume, it is showing signs of holding on for a long run similar to that first film, though a direct comparison is almost impossible to make given the holiday release timing of the two.

Internationally, Jumanji added another $42.4 million this weekend, bringing the overseas cume to $374 million for a global tally reaching $610 million. This weekend saw no new major international releases with China remaining the top overseas market with $41.2 million. The film will release in Brazil on January 16.

Sony‘s Little Women dipped just -19% in its second weekend as Greta Gerwig‘s adaptation added an estimated $13.57 million this weekend, bringing the film’s domestic cume to $60 million. Internationally, the film added $9.5 million this weekend from six markets, bringing the overseas cume to $20.4 million. This weekend saw the film debut in Australia with $3.4 million followed by openings in France ($1.5) and the cume in the UK growing to $12 million.

Disney‘s Frozen II finished in fourth with an estimated $11.29 million bringing its domestic cume just shy of $450 million. Added to that, the film added another $42.4 million internationally, which raises it’s overseas cume to $875.3 million for a massive, $1.325 billion worldwide making Frozen II the highest grossing animated release of all time worldwide, topping Frozen ($1,281M) and Incredibles 2 ($1,243M).

Rounding out the top five is Sony and Screen Gems‘s The Grudge with an estimated $11.3 million, which is ahead of pre-weekend expectations, but the film’s “F” CinemaScore doesn’t bode well for future prospects, just as it didn’t help its day-to-day performance this weekend. As for the opening weekend crowd, the audience was 53% male and 51% of the overall audience coming in was aged 25 or older.

Internationally, The Grudge opened in 29 markets with an estimated $5.8 million. Leading the way was Indonesia with $1 million. Upcoming releases include Germany (Jan 9), France (Jan 15), Russia (Jan 16), UK (Jan 24), Australia (Jan 30), Brazil (Feb 13) and Italy (Feb 27).

Outside the top five we have to mention Lionsgate‘s Knives Out, which entered its sixth week in release this weekend and dipped just -9% with an estimated $9 million from 2,142 locations, bringing the film’s domestic cume to $130.25 million. This is the third straight weekend in a row the Rian Johnson written and directed feature has had the lowest drop among domestic, wide release holdovers and it’s finding equal success internationally where it added another $8.8 million for an international cume totaling $117.2 million and a global tally just shy of $250 million.

Next weekend will see the wide release of Fox‘s Underwater and Paramount‘s Like a Boss while Universal will go wide with 1917 in over 3,200 locations and WB will also expand the release of Just Mercy into over 2,200 theaters.


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Title Weekend Gross Weeks
Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker $33.7M $450.8M 3
Jumanji: The Next Level Jumanji: The Next Level $26.5M $236.2M 4
Little Women Little Women $13.6M $60.0M 2
The Grudge The Grudge $11.3M $11.3M 1
Frozen II Frozen II $11.3M $449.9M 7
Spies in Disguise Spies in Disguise $10.1M $46.7M 2
Knives Out Knives Out $9.0M $130.3M 6
Uncut Gems Uncut Gems $7.8M $36.8M 4
Bombshell Bombshell $4.1M $24.6M 4
Cats Cats $2.6M $24.7M 3
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‘Frozen II’ Is Officially the Highest-Grossing Animated Film of All Time!!

Disney’s 2020 is already beginning on a high note as Frozen II is crowned the highest-grossing animated movie of all time at the end of the first weekend in January. This new honor marks a major turn for the fortunes of the sequel to the 2013 hit Frozen. At the end of December 2019, Frozen II was sitting pretty as the 7th highest-grossing film of all time and had officially passed Frozen‘s overall domestic total of $400 million.

Now, Frozen II heads into the first full week of January 2020 with a domestic total of $450 million and a global total of approximately $1.32 billion. This big win for Frozen II also reminds us it’s on the rarer side for a sequel to surpass the success of its predecessor but, then again, we shouldn’t be too surprised that the movie which gave us “Let It Go” has given way to a movie with even more bangers and appeals to the tried-and-true family audience demo, right? Also, since it’s also a foregone conclusion at this point in time that Disney is king of anything unless otherwise noted, it’s worth reminding you the House of Mouse is now officially home to the top three animated films of all time. Per CNBC, after Frozen II comes Frozen with $1.28 billion worldwide and then Incredibles 2, which earned $1.24 billion in global sales in 2018.

In 2019, Disney was home to multiple billion dollar movies which resulted in $10 billion in global sales by the time the year closed out. Thanks to it now being the parent company to Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and 20th Century Fox, we should expect to see even more financial gains on a jaw-dropped scale come Disney’s way in 2020.


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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Lags Behind Predecessors at the BO!!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker took in nearly $17 million at the domestic box office over the New Year’s Day holiday, a tally that brings the Skywalker Saga’s closer over the $400 million mark. It took Star Wars: The Force Awakens just over 7 days to hit the same mark, while Star Wars: The Last Jedi reached the total domestically in under 12 days, with a Christmas Day bump. The Rise of Skywalker needed the New Year’s holiday to get there in under 13 days.

The $407.5 million domestic take over nearly two weeks is about matched by $407.9 from international territories, totaling $815.4 million. A billion-dollar-plus run is obviously within reach, but it remains to be seen whether The Rise of Skywalker can reach The Last Jedi‘s total of $1.3 billion; The Force Awakens‘ $2.1 billion tally feels like it’s out of the realm of possibility. It doesn’t help that China isn’t on board with the film, but that’s been a problem the previous films have faced as well.

The Rise of Skywalker has plenty of its own internal, inherent problems though. There’s the Palpatine of it all, the lessons the franchise capper could have learned from other franchises but didn’t, minority characters taking a backseat to the story, and the film’s controversial ending, to name but a few. This is a movie that is ostensibly closing a 40+ year story; there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be surpassing even the Avengers: Endgame box office. The fact that it isn’t speaks to the many problems within the movie itself. It’s worth a watch for history’s sake, but expect the box office performance to take a nosedive between now and when the movie inevitably arrives on Disney+.


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