Short Films

Films Produced Under Riot Play Films Banner:


Silent Heroes (2015)

Synopsis – A crime drama based on how one horrifying night intervenes with three lives and their beliefs in destiny.

Directed – Sajith Kurup

Written – Sajith Kurup, Mirza Baig, Ashwin Kumar

Starring – Hameed, Fatima Hameed, Haneef


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Employment 101 (2014)

Synopsis – A hypothetical interview session between financial analyst  candidate & the manager of a certain firm.

Directed – Mirza Baig

Written – Faisal Hashmi, Imad Siddiqui, Richard Samuel, Mirza Baig

Starring – Faisal Hashmi, Imad Siddiqui, Junaid Navid

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1478933_697351063618149_1252335774_n Jake Elvis (2014)

Synopsis –  A zero budget science fiction thriller based on a journalist’s battle with time & his ultimate faith.

Directed – Mirza Baig

Written – Mirza Baig

Starring – Imad Siddiqui, Junaid Navid, Mutee Ur Rehman

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Shadow Man of Rolla (2011)

Synopsis – This mockumentary documents witness accounts on their encounter with an imposter trying to sell himself as the legendary musical serial killer Shadow Man.

Directed – Mirza Baig

Written – Mirza Baig, Mizanur Rehman (Character of Shadow Man)

Starring – Mirza Baig, Junaid Navid, Prashant Sagar


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314066_266462376707022_3898312_nDimension (2011)

Synopsis – When his family is kidnapped, Christopher Hill gets entangled into a mysterious cat & mouse game by an unknown caller.

Directed – Mirza Baig

Written – Mirza Baig, Faisal Hashmi, Junaid Navid

Starring –  Imad Siddiqui, Shahid Jafrabadi, Faisal Hashmi

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