Transcendence (2014) Short Review!!

This is those kind of a film which you may hate or love, but you simply cant ignore! Director Wally Pfister has fine bunch of actors & an appealing storyline in his hands, but unfortunately is Pfister is no Nolan (Executive Producer), and it is evidently clear in ‘Transcendence’ that he lacks the vision to pull together a layered poignant blockbuster its poised out to be. Johnny Depp probably plays the most weirdest character of his long list yet & by no doubts his great. The film clearly is designed to be a star vehicle for Rebecca Hall, as the plot is clearly woven around her, my what a fine actress. Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany & Kate Mara has pushed to back seats with a few interesting sequences. The film starts off well with an interesting concept thrown around but loses grip in the middle act with clear confusion of which direction to go, but the brilliant/unique climax makes this film quite different from other Sci Fiction movies. Give it a watch!


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