Kaanchi (2014) Short Review!!

Its always sad to maestro film makers indulge into chaos, Subhash Ghai is being known to give us some of the biggest hits of all times, unfortunately for the past couple of years, all his films have failed! Kaanchi is no exception! Kaanchi starts of as an old school romance film, weirdly the proceedings are engaging, but a sudden shift of events in the post interval portions turns the film into a half baked revenge political drama. The main problem with this film are the too many things stuffed into the proceedings turning the film into a weird jerky ride! Mishty makes a confident debut, but over does it in the intense scenes. Karthik (Pyaar Ka Punchnama) does a decent job. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Inspector Bagula is fantastic. Rishi Kapoor’s character is forced into the film & totally unnecessary. Mithun Da is possibly the only character in the film who stands as is the only relief of the film. Unfortunately this film is an epic fail!


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