Lucy (2014) Short Review!!

Lucy is one of the most weirdest yet most exciting film I have ever seen! It starts of a Limitless (2011) inspired thriller & slowly turns into an visually appealing science fiction thriller. Most of its screen time is taken by the fast moving action scenes and the display of super human abilities. However, despite its unscientific claim (10% of brain power) and somewhat shallow dialogue, there are moments in Lucy, where the script taps into really moving understanding of human condition. I guess these bits and pieces push the movie to a whole different level. The acting performances in this film are completely incredibly. Scarlett Johansson starts as a naive and shy lady that slowly becomes a clever heroine in a credible manner. Morgan Freeman only has a smaller role in this movie but he simply convinces for being there because he is credible in his role as a clever scientist and has a lot of charisma (as usual) & he kinda reminds of his role in Transcendence (2011). The ruthless main villain is portrayed by the incredible Choi Min-Sik who is one of my favorite Korean actors ever and it’s great to finally see him in a Western movie where his incredible talents get some more attention. It may not be as good as it could have been, but it is very far from the catastrophic mess many critics make it out to be. As far as I’m concerned, ‘Lucy’ is a fun, crazy ride from start to finish with minor glitches here and there, still watch it!!


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