Sonali Cable (2014) Review!!

sonali-cable-2014Synopsis – Sonali, a spunky self-made internet operator, proudly runs a small outfit along with her band of ghetto boys catering to a sprawling Mumbai suburb. Complications arise when Sonali’s childhood sweetheart, Raghu returns from the United States and helps bring her small enterprise into the twenty first century. But not all forces of modernization are as kind and as loving as Raghu. SHINING INC, a huge corporation wants her out to complete their monopoly of Shining Broadband in the city. Sonali refuses… and it’s war! This is a character driven, edgy survival drama of an ordinary girl, a sizzling love interest and her rag-tag family of internet cable technicians for whom Sonali Cable Centre is more than a livelihood… it’s their home.

My Take – Even with a variety of talented actors, directors & writes, Bollywood has been failing (mostly) to bring out unique story lines for our entertainment hungry audience! This is one film which dares to be different, & succeeds, well almost!

sonali-cable-movie-11At core it has the usual Good vs Evil story, but tries to show a different insight about how small time business suffer in the hands of big cooperation without getting too preachy, while being inspired by the David vs Goliath tale. The film serve us a unique & engaging tale in the 1st half, but snobbish writing & a messy screenplay send the 2nd half into a illogical, laughable & a total turmoil! It seems as if some other production team took over after the interval. Rhea Chakraborty is a fine actress. She plays the chirpy yet fiery role with aplomb. With great support from Anupam Kher, Ali Faizal & debutant Raghav Juyal (especially who is brilliant!).


Director Charudutt Acharya & producer Ramesh Sippy fails in establishing a social entertaining movie, if that is what they were aiming it! It is sad to say this film could have been a modern day fable, but unfortunately ‘Sonali Cable’ is not!


Director – Charudutt Acharya

Starring – Anupam Kher, Ali Fazal, Rhea Chakraborty, Smita Jaykar

Rated – PG

Run Time – 127 minutes

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