Shameless Season 5 (2015) Premiere Review!!

EP013478680064Synopsis – It’s summertime again in Chicago. While everything seems smooth in the Gallagher house, it seems like a calm before the real storm hits.

Episode – S05E01 “Milk of the Gods”

My Take – Hurray!!The Gallagher family is back!! Its been a long nine months since Season 4 ended. With Season 5, this Showtime hit is back with a hard act to follow up as Season 4 was by far the most extensive look in terms of character development, twists and turns. We saw Frank get a new liver, Fiona go to jail, Lip going to college, Mickey & Ian become a full-fledged couple & Kev and V had twins! Now before I talk more about the premiere, let me warn you, their are potential spoilers ahead!

shameless-season-5-spoilersaThere was a lot to take in and Shameless Season 5 Episode 1 puts us right at the start of summer, as Frank’s health is improved, Lip is home for the summer and Fiona is doing well at her post jail waitress job. The zaniest moments came between the outrageously side-splitting stepmother-daughter rivalry between Sheila and Sammi (Emily Bergl). Sammi parked her trailer next to Shelia’s house last season and appears to be suffering from hyper sexualized abandoned child syndrome.Both ladies are fighting over Frank’s attention, who eventually wins remains to be seen. Elsewhere in the Gallagher world, Lip is home from college and it looks like he’s really been affected by his time away. He seems to be over the slums of the south side and it was interesting to see him on the train as he got closer and closer to home and the faces and overall cleanliness of the passengers changed! One hell of a scene directed by Christopher Chulack! Lip seems to have met the real love of his life in Amanda. Since going off to university, he’s grown significantly and it seems like he may be backpedaling going back home for the summer. Before Amanda returned to her home in Miami, the two came to an understanding that each would date around during the break. But Lip seems to be experiencing growing pains since returning home, he’s doesn’t seem all that interested in catching up with his wild and crazy crew. I guess Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t pan out, because he’s gone as Fiona’s boss at the diner and he’s been replaced by Dermot Mulroney. Clearly a better choice! Mulroney is ex-addict Sean and he seems to be pretty smitten with Fiona. They start off the episode building a pool together in the Gallagher yard and the sexual tension between them is off the charts. Kev and V are having some post baby issues and I imagine it’s not an uncommon problem new parents face. V is over breastfeeding, but Kev doesn’t want her to stop.

shameless-season-5-spoilers_1Seeing him sleeping in bed with those two little girls was priceless. Mickey has a new job! And it’s robbing people. So, good for him? I guess his new income is helping the Milkovich household run like a family man & Yes! Ian is part of the household now, even helping in taking care of the Mickey’s baby with the Russian (whose name I don’t recollect), clearly bi-polar just like his mother, it will be painful to see such lively character go down. Sami has been a good addition to the show, for now I am confused with where her character is headed, but I hope she gets more to do than try to get Frank to pay attention to her. I’d like to see her get more ingrained with her half siblings. I can never figure out if I like Frank. Most of the time I hate his story-lines, but when he was dying, I actually found myself feeling sorry for him. But then he has to go and make himself a homemade beer machine that looks like good idea which can lead to disastrous results! And it’s just a matter of time before Jimmy/Steve makes his appearance. The woman he was with at the end of last season is coming to the diner to see Fiona, being shady and leaving big tips. She’s obviously Jimmy/Steve’s spy and I wonder how long it’ll be before he shows his face. What’s he been up to all this time? Didn’t he leave the show or was presumed dead? Frankly It was a little weird to see things running so smooth because you just know it’s going to implode at some point. Feasibly the biggest indicator of the season came when Sheila warned Frank, “If you don’t start playing daddy, things are only going to get worse.” Perhaps this will be the biggest theme of the season for all of the Gallagher clan. Holding my breath to see from where the shit storm starts!

Created – John Wells (developed for American television by), Paul Abbott

Starring – William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White

Status – Season 5

Network – Showtime

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