Daredevil TV Series (2015) Episode 1 & 2 Review!!!


Synopsis – A blind lawyer, with his other senses superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a costumed superhero.

Episodes – E01 “Into the Ring” & E02 “Cut Man”  

My Take – Back in 2003, a film starring the titular superhero Daredevil aka the man with no fear was released with Ben Affleck in the lead! While the film bombed at the box office & was equally hated by the audience & the critics alike, I have to point out for those who have seen the Director’s Cut would eventually agree with me saying – the film was awesome! If the film was released now, in a time when characters such as Superman & Power Rangers are getting dark & gritty, the film could have been a success! Nevertheless, As a long term comic book nerd, and a huge fan of the Marvel cinematic universe and television properties, I am glad Marvel has decided to give this blind protector of the Hell’s Kitchen another chance in the form of TV series on Netflix. While the whole series released online on April 10th (13 episodes), I have been able to catch up to just the first two episodes. Before I say anything else, I must warn, I may talk about some potential spoilers. 

Daredevil-horizontalWhen marvel got back the rights to Daredevil I was a little apprehensive of how they would portray his character, no worries there now I’ve seen it, or if they would use the character at all. I was worried if he did get his own show/film it’d be like the rest of the Marvel films/shows, light hearted action with great fan service and a good helping of comedic moments, which wouldn’t of suited the dark world of Daredevil. But I can safely say to all you fellow hornhead fans that they have nailed everything about Daredevil perfectly. “Into the Ring” is the pilot that kicks off this show and gives first impressions. With Marvel recently just aired Agent Carter which was received very well and of course the still ongoing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which has gained quality in its new season however many are still divided towards it. Meanwhile, DC in TV has been excellent, they have a huge audience with them and they have been completely destroying Marvel in TV standards. Marvel had to step up their game in TV, sure Agent Carter was a step up, but they needed more to compete with DC. Then came this show which I gave a shot as I want to see Marvel’s go at a show now focusing on a main superhero, and boy did I like this one. The episode instantly starts with (of course) the origin story : Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is a lawyer at day and vigilante at night, he’s pretty much full time blind servant of justice. Story focuses on his early days when Murdock isn’t exactly the Daredevil yet, a good indication of this is the makeshift outfit. I guess when Murdock is just starting his law firm, he can’t afford glass casing for his hood, although he already has several superhuman attributes. While the second episode focuses more on his times with his father, before he gets killed! The episode begins two days after where the previous episode left of, Murdoch is still searching for the kidnapped boy learns bit a late that it’s a bait for him .he gets beaten up and ends in a trash bin, where he is found by Clarie temple (Rosario Dawson) who ends up helping, now its up to Matt to protect himself and Clarie and too save the boy somehow. The episode begins in slow but intriguing fashion but ends with a major bang , a true hardcore action movie fashion.

daredevil-cut-man-1024x576Comparison could be made with Ben Affleck’s performance more than a decade ago, but Charlie Cox looks pretty menacingly formidable as Daredevil. Casting is suitable for first episode, the actors might need time to settle in, and the audience to be familiar with them, but Charlie Cox might just handle the role admirably. Visual is in constant bleakness with occasional gleam of slightly more vibrant color, it almost resembles a stylish comic book portrayal of Murdock’s sense. The use of shadow is overwhelming, creating contrast in just about any room the characters are in. Those familiar with comics will know Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil is up there with the highest points of his career. The screenplay has slow yet intense pace, it focuses on a few characters and develops them nicely with clever script. This is not your ordinary superhero series. It’s unapologetic ally gritty and bloody, while that might not be as accessible as previous Marvel series, Daredevil is a legitimate powerhouse and the best masked man Marvel has to offer yet. The show isn’t dark, but is feels gritty, which gives it a more real and personal feel. The fight sequences were well choreographed and provided possibly my favorite moments when shown in slow-motion. Whereas the other Marvel films/shows are bigger and louder, Daredevil works fine as a more “local” setting, which gives it a fresher feeling. This is not someone who will save the world, but more like a local vigilante and that makes it different and interesting from the others. With just two episodes in I can say the show is both thrilling and well designed. The plot is exceedingly engaging and thrilling. The cast is also remarkable – which was an unexpected surprise. I had some doubts about the lead but I can say that I am impressed by Charlie Cox. As a huge fan of Daredevil, I can finally say – Success!!!

Creator – Drew Goddard

Starring – Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson

Status – Season 1 (Completed)

Network – Netflix

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