Gabbar is Back (2015) Review!!

352418-1-5-2015-ga-gh1-ohSynopsis – A grief-stricken man takes the law into his own hands when he begins to kidnap and murder corrupt public servants.

My Take – Akshay Kumar is one such Bollywood star who has been constant figure in the film industry who has been succeeding in ranging out for the past 25 years,  From doing mindless entertainer such the Housefull series, Rowdy Rathode etc or selecting classy films such as Special 26, Holiday and BABY, or family dramas such as Waqt – Race Against Time or even starring in damp squibs like Once Upon in Mumbai Dobara, Joker, Boss etc, he is one actor who can say “Been there, done that!”.  This film comes under the category of those 90’s potboilers which comprises of action, melodrama , routine song and dance, but done with the right intention of spreading a message. The film is high on entertainment & that honestly, does the trick! The story follows a very righteous man Professor Aditya (Akshay Kumar) and his tryst with corruption. He is on a mission to infuse a sense of purpose and hope amongst his students in ‘National College’, the place where he teaches the five elements of survival, in both, theory as well as practicals! Besides being a professor, he is also a vigilante who functions under the name of ‘Gabbar’. He and his team inject fear amidst the corrupt officers. The main mission of his team is to eliminate the corrupt individuals, from all the spheres of life, but… in a systematic manner.

Gabbar-is-Back-Shruti-Hassan-with-Akshay-Kumar-ImagesWhen he’s not bashing up the bad guys, Prof. Aditya also finds time to go on coffee dates with Devaki (Shruti Haasan). There is also a back story of Aditya that finds him romancing his wife (Kareena Kapoor Khan in a cameo) and how tragedy strikes him, courtesy industrialist Digvijay Patil (Suman Talwar). While the laid back police officials are unable to nab Gabbar, it takes an enterprising ‘English speaking’ constable Sadhu (Sunil Grover) to get the vital clues and leads about the whereabouts of Gabbar and his team. The only problem with Sadhu is that, because he is a ‘driver’, none of his superiors take him seriously and always belittle him. Amidst all this, when the police and the government land up in a very tight spot because of their inability to nab Gabbar, they hire a razor-sharp top CBI, who vows to nab Gabbar at any cost. And when he sees Sadhu’s clues of nabbing Gabbar, he immediately offers him all the support that he needs. Do the police and government ever get to know the real ‘Gabbar’, do they decipher the reason behind these killings, will Sadhu land up playing a spoilsport in Gabbar’s master plans or does Gabbar who has been exposing the corrupt, will himself come out before everyone and ‘expose’ himself… is what forms the rest of the film. The storyline is simple, but the treatment is crisp & interesting. The protagonist’s journey to punish the evil within our society, has moments of power. I’d like to single out that terrific sequence at a hospital in the first-hour & also the nicely done climax, which delivers a message with honesty. Yes! The movie is a bit slow in parts especially in the first half but it doesn’t boar you to the core. Director Krish has successfully convinced us with the proceedings to actually evoke anger against the corruption in our country.  The second half is solid with some really action packed sequences leading towards an emotional & moving climax. The film is a common man’s fight against corruption. The movie justifies its name as Gabbar has been the biggest villain in Indian Cinema history. But this time Akshay Kumar adopt this name to fear the corrupts.

4outndgfcp89or78.D.0.Kareena-Kapoor-Akshay-Kumar-Gabbar-Is-Back-Movie-Song-ImageHe starts his own mission to destroy them and his way of doing so is brutal. What sets the film apart in the genre is its unabashedly massy tone. Here is a film about a man who decides to take charge of a social order on the brink of anarchy when all the formal faculties fail. He doesn’t believe in reprimanding the corrupt. He believes in punishing them with death. Yup, this Gabbar means business. And to the character’s good fortune, he is played by the very watchable Akshay Kumar. For my money and time, Akshay is by far the most complete star-actor package among contemporary A-lister heroes in Bollywood. With due respect, none of the other A-lister superstars of Bollywood have the power to sway the masses with idealistic rhetoric. It’s in his eyes. Akshay makes you sit up and listen without raising his voice. Akshay Kumar is in top form & gives a memorable power packed performance! Shruti Haasan, doesn’t have much to contribute. She looks pretty and has an unhealthy dependence on Google search. Kareena Kapoor Khan in her cameo looks pretty. Sunil Grover surprises with a superb act, Jaideep & Suman Talwar have done a great job in their roles. In case you decide to compare this to Akki’s other social action films like Holiday and Baby then it is inferior to them.The theme of the movie is noble but its presentation is weak.The biggest problem here is the predictable plot which has could have been developed more smoothly. The movie raises the topic of corruption but seems like script corrupted itself by heavily borrowing from various movies of the genre especially last year’s poorly made Ungli. On the whole, ‘Gabbar is Back’, is a full on masala entertainer, with enough entertainment moments & social messages to root for it. Even though it is not an amazing film, but an engaging watch, nonetheless. Here’s a film that’s sure to work big time with the masses!


Director – Krish

Starring – Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Shruti K. Haasan

Rated – PG

Run Time – 128 minutes

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