Check out some exclusive set photos of the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ movie!!

Suicide-Squad-Movie-Cast-LogoBelow you can have much closer looks of some of our favorite DC villains while shooting for the upcoming David Ayer directed film ‘ Suicide Squad’. Plus an added still of Ben Affleck who plays Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman & Justice League arriving on set! So wait is Batman going to be in this movie?? So awesome!!

Suicide-Squad_29415m2 killer-croc-sur-le-tournage-de-suicide-squad killer-croc-movie will_smith_suicide_squad Suicide-Squad-harley-and-joker-fight-6-1280x1712 Suicide-Squad-harley-and-joker-fight-8-1280x1906 4571295-jared-leto-fights-kisses-margot-robbie-in-suicide-squad-04 Harley-and-Joker-kiss-051815 the-joker-and-harley-quinn-fight-in-suicide-squad-set


external suicide-squad-cast-seen-in-costume-on-set-07 0cNYtl5 201558-suicide-gardiner-1 633467-b182292c-f79d-11e4-abad-a935b3e0d5c5 On-Set-Movie-Suicide-Squad-Margot-Robbie-Will-Smith-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-2 Will-Smith-2 SS-image-1-new will-smith-lifts-margot-robie-while-filming-suicide-squad CFSKkDcWoAAwpm4

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