Mad Max: Fury Road sequel on its way!! Success!!

the-world-goes-madIt was reported before the film hit theaters that Tom Hardy was signed on for three Mad Max films, and sequels would be coming if the first film did well. Well, it looks like Mad Max: Fury Road‘s $44.44 million debut was good enough because the next title in the film franchise has been announced.

Director and writer George Miller said “there’s more Max to come” and during the podcast The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, the filmmaker also divulged the title of the next film, which is already written.

Mad Max: The Wasteland will be the title of the next film. I’m being coy with calling it a sequel, because some sites are reporting the next two films will actually be prequels to Fury Road. No matter if they’re sequels or prequels, if they’re close to the quality of Fury Road, we’re in.

Via Graphic Policy

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