A Royal Night Out_Official PosterFRONT ROW FILMED ENTERTAINMENT & Riot Play Films – A Non Profit U.A.E Based Film Making Team are here to give out the premiere invites to 20 single lucky winners (10 pairs) of the amazing drama/romantic film ‘A Royal Night Out” directed by Julian Jarrold, and starring Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Jack Reynor, Rupert Everett, Emily Watson! This competition is for U.A.E residents only!

The premiere screening of “A Royal Night Out” will be held in partnership with Wheeler’s of St James’s by Marco Pierre White restaurant. It’s a high-end fine dining British restaurant by a celebrity Michelin Star Chef in DIFC. All winners will get gift vouchers with” 2 for 1” weekend brunch!

The event will take place on July 22, 2015, at NOVO Cinemas Cineplex (near to WAFI Centre and Grand Hyatt Hotel) at 8:30 pm.

All you gotta do is answer the below question & tag as many as people possible in the post!!

The lead actor of this film Jack Reynor recently starred in an action blockbuster franchise film. Which one is it?

A) Transformers: Age of Extinction
B) Mad Max: Fury Road
C) Avengers: Age of Ultron

10 names will be announced by July 21, 2015. So what are you waiting for?

Synopsis: On V.E. Day in 1945, as peace is declared across Europe and London is celebrating, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are allowed to join the celebrations against the Queen’s wishes, but the King impressed by Elizabeth’s pleading asks her to report back on the peoples feelings towards him and his midnight speech on the radio.Each girl, incognito, is given a chaperon of an army officer and an itinerary to be back at Buckingham Palace by 1am. Soon realizing the planned itinerary by the Queen does not live up to their expectations of fun and meeting the ordinary people, Margaret is the first to slip away from her escort followed by Elizabeth.The Princesses are separated on two different buses and Margaret is befriended by a Naval Officer seeking to take advantage of what he believes is just an ordinary girl and Elizabeth by an airman who is absent without leave. Margaret is led by her Naval Officer into a world of nightclubs, gambling, spiked drinks and brothels. Elizabeth and her airman have their own adventures trying to catch up with Margaret which take them far beyond the 1am deadline into the early hours of the following morning.

UAE Rating: PG-15
USA Rating: Unrated
Running time: 129 min.Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Director: Julian Jarrold
Writers: Vera Brittain, Juliette Towhidi
Stars: Emily Watson, Sarah Gadon, Jack Reynor, Rupert Everett

Check out the Trailer:

Check out some stills from the movie:

Movie Still_0001 16-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 97-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 44-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 81-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 36-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 35-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 66-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF 53-Girls Night Out-Photo Nick Wall.NEF Movie Still_0002

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