Bachaana (2016) Review!!


Synopsis – A bubbly Indian girl Aalia in trouble is forced by circumstances to place her faith in a Pakistani cab driver, Vicky, in Mauritius, who then takes it upon himself to make Aalia’s safe return to India possible. Mauritius.

My Take – A couple of years back films from Pakistan were mostly written off down right! For an industry so small, its great to see their films gradually increase in quantity & quality. Nevertheless walking into the red carpet premiere of this romantic thriller, I kept my expectations quite low as I had literally no idea of the plot or accomplishments of the cast & crew involved, and guess what the film was quite fun. No its not even close to the quality of the number of acclaimed films Pakistan cinema is now known for, but I guess thats the best part, its not even trying to be one of ‘those films’. Instead the film embraces its own cliched plot & makes a run for it, while providing what it has promised – 135 minute long solid dose of entertainment. The story is pretty simple & follows Aalia (Sanam Saeed), an Indian girl who arrives in Mauritius for her honeymoon with her husband (Adeel Hashmi).


Things seem ordinary at first, until her husband mysteriously disappears leaving her with a bag & no passport. She ends up meeting Pakistani taxi driver Vicky (Mohib Mirza) who promises to help her reach her destination safely. I know it sounds like a film we may have seen many times but the director manages to keep us hooked to the screen with a perfect blend of humor, action, romance and suspense. Even the Indo-Pak humor elements infused into the script were laudable.  Leaving political agendas aside, Nasir Khan conveys a message of spreading love and happiness through an engaging script. Khan has a strong command over emotions, therefore, his film gradually enters into a genre of its own. It’s not mere gags, but something deeper that is hysterically funny. The laughs fly by in the most subtle manner with a layer of slightly sentimental conception underneath, illustrating a maturation of handling situations. Some of the lines are quite humorous. The scene where Vicky’s friend translates from Urdu to English will definitely make you laugh and there is also a scene where Mohib‘s character explains why Pakistani’s don’t get a visa which will set off a laugh. Director Nasir Khan offers a concept that celebrates our ordinariness, not scorned – as we’re more alike than different. From the lead pair to the supporting cast, Khan has blended a fine melange of divinely gifted actors to please the sensibilities of viewers. The locations are stunning and Mauritius looks really neat on the big screen. Nothing looks forced and the location fits in quite well within the narrative.


The film does not have a very extensive soundtrack but all the songs are nicely slotted in. Shafqat Amanat Ali‘s “Yaari Yaari” perfectly captures the emotional state of the two characters and Symt‘s “Koi Labda” came at the right time before the climax. The background score perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the film. The wonderful duo, Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza, carried the film on their shoulder and added oodles of charm with their amazing chemistry. They don’t try too hard, rather they own every scene with their natural spontaneity, perfect dialogue delivery, and impeccable expressions. Adeel Hashmi with such a strong screen presence role is wasted in an almost non speaking role. On the whole, ‘Bachaana’ works because of its nostalgic simplicity & the commendable chemistry of the lead pair. In the world where crass humor & over the top action along with melodrama are being sold in the name of entertainment, Bachaana is a welcome change. Nope its not mind blowing but it sure is a good watch.


Director – Nasir Khan

Starring – Adeel Hashmi, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed

Rated – PG

Run Time – 135 minutes

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