First Posters for ‘Passengers’, ‘The Magnificent 7’, ‘The Girl on the Train’, ‘Snowden’, ‘Patriots Day’, and More unveil at Cinema Con!!


With CinemaCon starting tomorrow in Las Vegas, I arrived earlier today to take pictures of the new posters on display. For those who don’t know, CinemaCon is a convention where theater owners get a look at what the studios have to offer for the rest of the year, and where vendors can show new products for theaters to buy. It’s basically Comic-Con for theater owners.  Besides showing off never before seen footage, the studios often bring the cast and the filmmakers. Over the course of a few days, Hollywood comes to Las Vegas and you can expect a lot of updates on the footage and trailers shown along with some exclusive interviews. It should be a fun week.

While you might have seen some of the posters below before, CinemaCon also revealed a number of brand new posters including Passengers, The Magnificent Seven, The Girl on the Train, Patriots Day, Hell or High Water, The Birth of a Nation, Table 19, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, A Monster Calls, Ben-Hur, Inferno, and more. Check out all the posters, banners and standees below.


magnificent-7-poster-6 magnificent-7-poster-4 magnificent-7-poster-2 magnificent-7-poster-1 deepwater-horizon-movie-poster inferno-poster-1 inferno-poster-3 inferno-poster-tom-hanks lights-out-movie-poster cinemacon-2016-posters-47 cinemacon-2016-posters-43 cinemacon-2016-posters-42 cinemacon-2016-posters-33 cinemacon-2016-posters-32 cinemacon-2016-posters-30 cinemacon-2016-posters-24 cinemacon-2016-posters-22 cinemacon-2016-posters-29 cinemacon-2016-posters-28 cinemacon-2016-posters-21 cinemacon-2016-posters-19 cinemacon-2016-posters-27 cinemacon-2016-posters-25 cinemacon-2016-posters-18 cinemacon-2016-posters-17 cinemacon-2016-posters-12 cinemacon-2016-posters-11 cinemacon-2016-posters-16 cinemacon-2016-posters-15 cinemacon-2016-posters-9 cinemacon-2016-posters-8 cinemacon-2016-posters-14 cinemacon-2016-posters-13 cinemacon-2016-posters-7 cinemacon-2016-posters-2 cinemacon-2016-posters-3 cinemacon-2016-posters-4 cinemacon-2016-posters-5 cinemacon-2016-posters-6 cinemacon-2016-posters-1 billy-lynns-long-halftime-walk-poster a-monster-calls-poster war-dogs-movie-poster snowden-movie-poster-use

Via Collider

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