New ‘Roadies’ Trailer Teases Backstage Shenanigans in Cameron Crowe’s Series!! Check it out!!


In the latest part of the movie-people-heading-to-TV trend, writer and director (and Oscar winner) Cameron Crowe has developed a series for ShowtimeRoadies, that focuses on music — of course. Though you can criticize the Crowe for many things (including everything that was Aloha), his musical taste is beyond reproach, and there’s a hope that Roadies might capture some of the earnest, emotional magic of Almost Famous.

A new trailer for the series seems to suggest that it will be fairly light-hearted and silly, with some epic performances and, of course, rad music. Examining the roadies rather than the stars (like Nashville and Empire do … and whatever Vinyl tries to do) is also a fun way to explore a different side of the music industry, and an easy way to naturally create drama and stakes, provided by the highs and lows of the band’s touring schedule. It looks like it’ll be gorgeously filmed, definitely gorgeously scored, and will be a show with a lot of heart. Maybe not a show for the cynics, but heck, we all need a feel-good series now and again (as long as it’s not too corny).

Check out the new Roadies trailer below. The series premieres Sunday, June 26th At 10 p.m. on Showtime, and stars Luke WilsonCarla GuginoImogen PootsRafe SpallKeisha Castle-HughesPeter CamborColson Baker, and Ron WhiteWinnie Holzman (My So-Called LifeWicked) serves as writer and executive producer, along with Emmy winners J.J. AbramsBryan Burk (Lost), and Len Goldstein (Hart of Dixie).

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