DC Fan Favorite ‘Spectre’ Rumored For ‘Arrow’ Season 5!!


The CW’s Arrow did fans of DC Comics’ “John Constantine” and NBC’s canceled series Constantine a solid by bringing Matt Ryan’s conceited conjurer into the mix in Season 4. However, another character from the defunct occult antihero show might also be making an appearance on the upcoming season of Arrow if recent casting news and social media posts from the show’s production team are any indication.

Fans of Constantine might remember a character by the name of James Corrigan, briefly played in a couple of appearances by Emmett J Scanlan. Comic book know-it-alls know that Corrigan’s alter ego is another DC Comics’ superhero, but we never got to see that transformation take full effect during the small-screen adaptation’s run. Perhaps Arrow will rectify that.

Earlier today, Arrow stunt guru and director James Bamford took to Twitter to announce the team’s return to action for the upcoming season. As you can see, he chose his words … wisely:

Now that Tweet by itself might not mean a thing except that Bamford and his stunt team are back to the grind, they’re feeling vengeful, and he’s a fan of ellipses. However, in light of recent news regarding casting additions to Season 5, the word “vengeance” might be taking on a whole new meaning.

As we reported in our talk about the Big Bad villain for Season 5 of Arrow, a new season regular will also be joining the cast:

The series-regular role of “James,” an “irrepressibly charming” contemporary of Oliver’s who is described as “a man on a mission” and is out to avenge a tragic, violent loss from his own past years ago.

Now, let’s combine “vengeance” with “James” and the character’s description, and you get: The Spectre, a.k.a. The Spirit of Vengeance. The origin story of this 1940 creation is a pretty dark one: hard-boiled cop James Corrigan was murdered mafia-style by being stuffed into a cement-filled barrel and then drowned. He couldn’t avoid death, but his spirit was turned away at the entrance to the afterlife; he was sent back to Earth as a vengeful force, first turning his wrath upon those responsible for his murder.

However, The New 52 version might be more in line with what Arrow could bring to the table. In this origin story, Corrigan, who is a Gotham City detective, is still killed, but so is his fiancee. The transition into The Spectre still takes place against Corrigan’s will, though he channels this rage into punishing the people who committed violence against him. That certainly sounds like someone fitting the description of “James” doesn’t it? It’s also worth noting that The Spectre and Batman have teamed up in The New 52, so with Arrow’s title hero basically acting as Batman from time to time, this team-up would make sense as well.

If The Spectre does make his way into Arrow Season 5 as a series regular, you can expect more mystical, magical mumbo-jumbo; I guess once you introduce it, it’s kind of hard to get rid of it. The Spectre, however, is quite powerful, approaching god-like status thanks to his ability to manipulate time and space, control matter, invulnerability, and limitless strength. So, yeah, he might be a bit over-powered for the Arrow-verse, but I’m sure there’s a way they can limit his abilities so that he better fits the more grounded world. Oh, and did I mention that The Spectre was also a founding member of the Justice Society of America? Yeah, a lot of dots are connecting here.

via Collider

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