HBO Orders Andy Samberg’s Mockumentary Series ‘Tour de Pharmacy’!!


There was plenty of good television in 2015, but one of the minor delights that got less than its due was 7 Days in Hell, the hour-long mockumentary about a fictional tennis match between Andy Samberg‘s swaggering, drug-addled American and Kit Harrington‘s uptight British player. The laughs were big and consistent in that film, thanks as much to the two main stars as to guest stars like Lena Dunham and Will Forte, and those who saw the movie reacted largely positively.

That would explain why HBO is now pairing with Samberg, as well as writer-producer Murray Miller and producer-director Jake Szymanski of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, on another sports mockumentary. According to TVL, Samberg and the creative team are set for Tour de Pharmacy, which, as you might have put together, will take a fictional look at the doping scandals that have plagued professional biking over the years, especially following Lance Armstrong‘s whole thing. Samberg will star and Hamilton breakout Daveed Diggs is set to co-star alongside him, with John CenaDolph LundgrenPhylicia RashadJulia Ormond, and Mike Tyson all set to make appearances, And, thank the good lord, Forte will also be returning for the limited series.

It’s certainly a subject that has quite a lot of material ripe for parody and general foolishness, and Samberg has proven himself a bit of an expert at depicting the self-indulgences and delusions that celebrities, from sports or otherwise, depend on in their day-to-day life. If you need more proof than 7 Days in Hell, there’s also Samberg’s excellent comedic turn in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which didnt do well at the box office but remains one of the summer’s most enjoyable big-studio releases. Tour de Pharmacy will likely follow the same general trajectory as both of those works, which is absolutely fine by me, and adding Diggs, who takes his final bow in Hamilton tonight, makes this one of HBO’s most promising new comedic enterprises on the docket as of right now.

via Collider

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