Director Joe Carnahan Exits ‘Bad Boys 3’!!!

I’m a big fan of writer-director Joe Carnahan, and in an ideal world, everything he’s attached to would get made. Sadly, most directors don’t inhabit that rarified air where every project they touch gets a green light without any pushback from the studio whatsoever (Christopher Nolan seems to be the only director who can do just about whatever he wants at any price point). Things seemed to be going smoothly with Carnahan set to write and direct Bad Boys for Life, but now it appears he’s left the project.

According to THR, Carnahan may have left over scheduling conflicts or the dreaded “creative differences.” Either way, it is yet another hurdle for a project that’s struggled to get going. They only recently got Will Smith to sign on to return and they were aiming to start filming this fall for a November 8, 2018 release date. With Smith and co-star Martin Lawrence on board to reprise their roles as detectives Mike Lowery and Marcus Bennett, and Carnahan directing from his own script, everything seemed to be falling into place.

Now the studio is on the hunt for a new director and they might rework Carnahan’s script as well. Hopefully, they can find someone who’s willing to make the kind of bonkers action movie we’ve come to expect from the Bad Boys franchise, and Bad Boys II, a movie where the main characters invade Cuba, is a tough act to follow.

As for Carnahan, he’s not hurting for other projects. He’s an in-demand screenwriter who penned the script for Uncharted, he’s also writing the X-Men spinoff X-Force, he produced the upcoming action film Wheelman, he’s got a Narc TV series in the works, and he’s planning to write and direct a remake of The Raid. Carnahan will be fine; it’s Bad Boys 3 I’m worried about.

via Collider

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