‘Legion’ Renewed for Season 2 by FX!!

The mind-bending adventures of David Haller will continue on in Legion Season 2. FX announced today that it has renewed the unique drama series for another season, ensuring that creator/showrunner Noah Hawley will continue to incept the minds of viewers with his twisted take on the Marvel Comics characters. The show is based on the Marvel comic of the same name and stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, who traditionally is the son of Professor X. In the show, Haller is suffering from A. Schizophrenia B. Crazy-powerful psychic and telekinetic mutant powers or C. All of the above. The series is obtuse at times, as Hawley and Co. have taken a surrealistic approach to the material that results in something more like a David Lynch film than a traditional superhero series.

The press release is light on details, but does say Legion will return in 2018. It’s hard to imagine Hawley not back at the helm as showrunner as this is so much his show, but he does have a fairly full plate at the moment. He continues to serve as creator and showrunner of FX’s highly successful anthology series Fargo, which is currently in production on Season 3 with a premiere looming next month, and he recently set up a pair of feature film projects that he’s expected to write and/or direct. It’s unclear how Hawley intends to juggle all of this, but again it’s hard to imagine Legion without his hands-on approach, and if Ryan Murphy can manage then surely so can Hawley.

Legion is, straight-up, a crazy show. We’re now six episodes in and there are still major questions up in the air, chief among them being is any of what we’re seeing real? My hunch is that we’ve got a very unreliable narrator who is both super-powered and suffering from mental illness, so I’m curious to see how/if Hawley wraps up that big question at the end of this season. Season 1 consists of only eight episodes, and the press release doesn’t specify whether Season 2 will be longer, shorter, or the same. What is clear is that I will happily watch another season of this nutty series.

via Collider

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