‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Confirms Black-and-White Version Is Coming to Theaters!!!

Celebrate, ye nerds and cinephiles, the black-and-white cut of Logan is upon us. Folks have been hyped for a black-and-white version of James Mangold‘s groundbreaking superhero neo-Western since the early days of the film’s promo campaign when the director revealed a series beautifully-shot behind the scenes images.

Before any official stills were released by the studio, Mangold teased the film with a series of black-and-white images from the set, capturing Hugh Jackman‘s withered one-time superhero and Boyd Holbrook‘s villainous Pierce in portraits so stark and gorgeous they almost had us thinking 20th Century Fox was going to throw out the rule book entirely with this one and release the first black-and-white superhero film. Not quite, but sometimes we can have nice things, and Mangold is fulfilling fan wishes in time for the home video release and what sounds like a one-night-only theatrical run.

Mangold first announced he was working on a black-and-white version of the film back in March, and now that he and his team have put in the effort to regrade and time the entire feature for peak chiaroscuro gorgeousness, the director has taken to his twitter once again to reveal that the black-and-white edition will not only appear on the Blu-ray release, it’s getting a very limited theatrical run on May 16th. “Suggestion. Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th,” said the director before clarifying in subsequent tweets that the recolored film will screen in US theaters on that date. Screening locations and ticket details are still to come.

Also starring Patrick StewartStephen MerchantDafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth RodriguezEriq La SalleElise Neal, and Quincy Fouse, Logan arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on May 23. For now, get a peek at Logan in sexy sexy black-and-white in some of Mangold’s teaser images below.


Image via James Mangold / 20th Century Fox


Image via James Mangold / 20th Century Fox


Image via Hugh Jackman / 20th Century Fox


Image via James Mangold / 20th Century Fox

via Collider

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