‘Power Rangers’ Sequel Appears Impossible After Box Office Flop!!!

A sequel to Power Rangers was reportedly in pre-production. But, Forbes has reported that it is not going to happen due to the overall underwhelming performance of the film at the box office. The Dean Israelite-directed reboot of the famous television series was released earlier this year and grossed only $86 million at the US box office. The film earned $51 million in the overseas markets and is one of the major flops of the year.

The film has also failed to garner much attention in China and Canada, which are the major critical markets for the movie industry. The film released in only two cities of Japan and could not gross more than $1 million. The wide release is on July 15.
While the film has received satisfactory comments from general critics, the sequel seems to be impossible as there is no guarantee that it will gross better than the original. The film has failed to pull in a sizeable third week at the box office, and all eyes turned to the US market to help bring up the rear. To be honest, $51 million is not enough for the filmmakers to think about a sequel.

Power Rangers” reboot was developed with a budget of $100 million and over $60 million spent on international marketing. Saban‘s film is based on a superhero team of the same name & is the first film featuring an autistic and LGBTQ superhero.

Power Rangers” debuted at the Regency Village Theater in March 2017 and was released worldwide the same month. The cast included Elizabeth Banks, Fred Tatasciore, Jaime Callica, Kayden Magnuson, David Denman, Dacre Montgomery, Bill Hader, Amy Jo Johnson, Erica Cerra, Jason David Frank, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, Anjali Jay, Emily Maddison, Caroline Cave, RJ Cyler, and Patrick Sabongui.

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes assigned it a rating of 49% based on 121 reviews. The film has an average of 39 out of 100 scores on Metacritic based on 24 critics. IGN gives it a 6.9/10, saying that “Power Rangers” has disappointed the viewers to a greater extent.


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2 responses to “‘Power Rangers’ Sequel Appears Impossible After Box Office Flop!!!

  1. The fans are not backing down by refusing the speculated
    drama within the media calling it a flop and still persistent
    that they should have an sequel by continuing buying
    the toys and physical media copies of the film critics panned
    Dredd from 2012 but received appraisals from the fans and still
    rooting for Carl Urban to champion an sequel and that’s fan dedication
    for you I wouldn’t be amazed if there’s an Kickstarter campaign
    to get an power rangers sequel funded due to the fanbase s strong.

    Frankie Croft Smales


    • I agree with you, mainly as I loved the reboot myself! But considering how little it made worldwide ($140.2 million) I doubt even a kick starter would help. Dredd too with all the fan fare is now being considered as a TV how without Karl Urban, most importantly till date no film with all the fan support & kick start campaigns have proved to be a fruitful result..lets see..fingers crossed!


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