‘Justice League’: Danny Elfman Set to Compose Score as Junkie XL Departs!!!

More shakeups in the world of the Justice League. After Joss Whedon was announced to be taking over after director Zack Snyder stepped down for personal reasons following a family tragedy, it seems that some of Snyder’s collaborators on the film are seeing a changeup as well. Junkie XL (a.k.a. Antonius Holkenborg), who had been working on the Justice League soundtrack (and also collaborated with Snyder on Batman v Superman), is now moving on to Tomb Raider (also a Warner production) according to THR. He will be replaced by Danny Elfman, who collaborated with Whedon on Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he similarly came in late to the project to add to the music already composed by Tyler Bates.

Elfman’s most well-known scores are typically lush, atmospheric, and uplifting, which may portend a sea-change for how Justice League was initially conceived (at least, following in the pattern of the early days of the DCEU versus the good will that Wonder Woman recently brought to it). Warner Bros has seemed for awhile to want a lighter tone for the movie, and there have been innumerable rumors and reports of reshoots and additions. Switching from Snyder to Whedon suggests a massive change in tone as well, and adding in Elfman (especially because of his recent work on Age of Ultron) feels like Justice League is literally taking pages from Marvel’s book.

However, Elfman has a long history with DC, too — he composed scores for Batman and Batman Returns, and more recently composed the theme music for the animated series Justice League Action. The bottom line is, really, that he has a ton of credits to his name, is a legend of the field, and will surely bring something both familiar and unique to Justice League‘s score.

Still, it does make one wonder what all of this will add up to, and what the movie might have looked like before these changeups. Are you worried by these adjustments, or think they’re a step in the right direction for Warner Bros’ DC fare? And does this seem to suggest a complete overhaul for the DECU?


via Collider

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