‘Hellboy’ Reboot Likely Headed to Lionsgate!!

A Hellboy reboot is underway with Neil Marshall (The Descent) set to direct David Harbour (Stranger Things) in a new adaptation of Mike Mingola’s supernatural investigator. The reboot, titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, had been looking for a home, and now it looks like it has found one.

According to Splash Report and confirmed by THR, the R-rated superhero film will likely head over to Lionsgate. Although negotiations are still ongoing, sources confirm that talks are underway for Lionsgate to distribute the new Hellboy movie.

The first Hellboy was made by Revolution Studios and released by Sony back in 2004. The sequel, 2008’s Hellboy: The Golden Army, was made by Relativity Media and distributed by Universal Pictures. Although neither film blew up the box office, the first movie did well enough on home video to get Universal to bite on the sequel. Unfortunately, that home video market has now dried up, and so no studio was willing to greenlight the version of Hellboy III that original director Guillermo Del Toro wanted because they didn’t see how it could recoup its investment.

That means that this new Hellboy will likely be leaner and more cost efficient, and I’m willing to give Marshall the benefit of the doubt. Lionsgate would certainly be a good home for the project, and they’ve shown in recent years how they’re a solid home for genre movies like John Wick and Crank, and they also distributed the terrific R-rated superhero film Punisher: War Zone.

If Hellboy does land at Lionsgate, it will likely get a serious marketing push, and I’m curious to see how they sell the film. On the one hand, Hellboy already has its fans, but in order to make the franchise more successful than Del Toro’s movies, Lionsgate will have to appeal to people that weren’t interested the first (or second) time around.

Filming on Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is slated to begin this fall.

via Collider


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