‘Vice Principals’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer Is Fully Ridiculous!! Check It Out!!

The new teaser trailer released by HBO for Vice Principals‘ second season reminds me that oh yeah! I didn’t finish Season 1. Peak TV strikes again, As a major fan of Eastbound and Down, I was cautiously optimistic about the Vice Principals episodes I saw for review last year.

As for Season 2, it’s really an extension of Season 1 in terms of narrative — the entire series was devised to be 18 parts, which HBO spread out over 2 seasons (similar to what Starz did with Blunt Talk, whereas Showtime is airing David Lynch‘s 18-part movie, as it were, of Twin Peaks as one weirdo season). So there won’t be any adjustments made to Season 2, if you thought there were any to make; this is the story, in full, and its conclusion.

The new teaser is as wonderfully ridiculous as you would expect from the series, where Danny McBride‘s Neil Gamby in tribal gear yelling at a tiger who is also roaring at him. There’s a little blip in the background of another mask that I can only assume is Walton Goggins’ Lee Russell. Check it out below:

Though I know the revenge aspect is the driving force of the show, I enjoyed Vice Principals more when Gamby and Russell were working together as wary partners instead of unhinged adversaries. But we’ll see where things go from here this time around — and maybe I’ll have a chance to catch up by then.

Vice Principals returns September 17th on HBO.

via Collider

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