‘Game of Thrones’: Trailer for Next Week’s “Stormborn” Is All about the Mother of Dragons!! Check It Out!!

Well folks, Game of Thrones (and winter) is here, and it’s good to have the HBO series back in our lives. With the premiere episode now under our belt, the trailer for Season 7 Episode 2, “Stormborn”, has been released online. The final moments of the Season 7 premiere saw Daenerys Targaryen returning to her childhood home of Dragonstone, taking ownership of the abandoned castle that was last under the rule of Stannis Baratheon (RIP). And it looks like “Stormborn” is going to revolve around how Westeros reacts to Dany’s arrival.

This trailer finds everyone from Cersei to Jon Snow addressing “The Dany Problem,” as the Mother of Dragons poses a massive threat to all of those in her way. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly Dany begins her march towards King’s Landing, or if we’re in for another classic season-long stalling storyline for Dany. Indeed, given that Dany has freaking dragons at her disposal, showunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have had to figure out compelling ways to keep her out of Westeros—once she arrives at King’s Landing, the volume is turned to 11 until either Dany or her enemies are dead. There’s no backtracking with dragons.

We only have 12 episodes left in total before Game of Thrones is gone for good (the final season only consists of six episodes), and the Season 7 premiere was surprisingly even-paced. There wasn’t a noticeable ratch-up in movements or tension, but that’s par for the course for Game of Thrones—lots of setup then some massive, jaw-dropping payoff as the pieces are moved into place.

Check out the “Stormborn” trailer below. Game of Thrones returns next Sunday night.


via Collider


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