‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Poster Attempts to Contain the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe!!! Check It Out!!

The gifts from San Diego Comic-Con keep on giving! A brand new poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has made its way onto the Internet in all its glory. This ambitious piece attempts to gather the superheroes of the MCU together in one place to take on Thanos and his infamous Black Order. There’s a lot going on here, so we’ll break it down further below.

Starring Josh BrolinVin DieselChris HemsworthTom HiddlestonBradley CooperChris PrattDave BautistaPaul BettanyPaul RuddElizabeth OlsenChris EvansAnthony MackieScarlett JohanssonMark RuffaloJeremy RennerSebastian StanDon CheadleTom HollandChadwick BosemanBenedict CumberbatchPom KlementieffZoe SaldanaRobert Downey Jr.Karen Gillan and many more Anthony and Joe Russo‘s Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4, 2018.

First, let’s take a look at the full Comic-Con poster for Avengers: Infinity War in all its glory:


Image via Marvel

While on one hand this is a smash-job of epic proportions, on the other hand … it kind of works! I particularly love the fact that Thanos anchors the whole thing at the center (though I think I’d prefer him with the helmet on, thanks), and that the light from the Infinity Stones bathes the various groups of heroes (and villains) gathered around him. And, of course, the Earth–as the philosophical center of our known universe–appears in the background to give the grandest possible scale to the whole thing.

Now, let’s break this down a bit:

Thanos and the Black Order


Image via Marvel

Thanos has long been the big bad behind the scenes of the MCU and, as this poster shows, he seeks to gather up all of the incredibly powerful Infinity Stones into the Infinity Gauntlet to gain control over reality as we know it. This poster clearly displays that concept, though if he’d actually gathered all the stones already, Vision would probably be dead, Doctor Strange would be without a portion of his magic, and the movie would be without a plot. Still, this is a pretty impressive and imposing stance for the Mad Titan.

Evan Valentine has written up a fantastic explainer (linked above) for the Black Order, but this poster features one of the earliest looks at the team in action. Their members include:

  • Corvus Glaive – Thanos’ most favored general who has enhanced strength, speed, durability, and endurance and uses a bladed pike which can cut through anything. When Corvus Glaive has the bladed pike in his hand, it makes him immortal.
  • Proxima Midnight – A member of the Black Order and the wife of Corvus Glaive who is a master hand-to-hand combatant, has super-strength and is nigh impervious. Her lance transforms into unavoidable toxic light beams.
  • Ebony Maw – A member of the Black Order who has genius-level intellect, specializes in persuasion. Utilizes a teleportation device and force field generator.
  • Black Dwarf – A member of the Black Order who has super-strength, enhanced density, and impenetrable skin. He is the brother of Corvus Glaive.

Thor and Loki Meet Groot and the Guardians

The rest of the poster teams up the MCU’s superheroes in interesting ways that may or may not have anything to do with their shared screen time in Avengers: Infinity Wars. The Avengers as we know them and the “New Avengers”–including Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon, and possibly Spider-Man–have had a few movies to get to know each other, but the Guardians of the Galaxy (along with Adolescent/Teen Groot) have yet to cross paths with the title heroes. Expect that to change in Avengers: Infinity War sooner than later.

What’s interesting here is that Loki appears alongside his half-brother Thor, a bit of an oddity concerning the villain’s various nefarious roles throughout the history of the MCU. But with Thor: Ragnarok filling in more of the story before Avengers: Infinity War, perhaps this will make more sense after the fact … or perhaps the master trickster has yet to play his final hand …

Captain America’s Beard vs the Blond Widow

That beard, you guys. How can Thanos ever hope to win against its hypnotic majesty and all-American power? Short answer: He can’t. But while I was distracted by Cap’s best Logan impression, Black Widow went and turned her red hair blond. After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Cap went to Wakanda with Bucky Barnes, having been granted asylum by T’Challa. However, Natasha Romanoff was forced to go into hiding to avoid government retaliation after her betrayal of Team Iron Man. That would explain the blond do. Cap’s got a beard because, well, I guess he likes it.

Hulk Leers, Spider-Man Swings, Doctor Strange Fidgets

The aforementioned Thor: Ragnarok will bring the Hulk back into the picture in a way we haven’t seen before in the MCU. The superheroes are going to need all the muscle they can muster to take on Thanos and his team, so it’s a very good thing that he’s back in action. However, we also get a shot of the former Winter Soldier here (perhaps thawed out due to the threat posed by Thanos) alongside everyone’s favorite wall-crawler in his new Iron Armor, I presume. This Stark tech was teased at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but was ultimately turned down by Peter Parker, who opted to remain a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man a bit longer. Expect him to don the suit in Avengers: Infinity War, even if it’s only temporarily.

Iron Man Comes Between Sisters

Now that the adopted sisters Gamora and Nebula appear to have put their differences aside thanks to the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we’ll get to see them on the same side as they attempt to take down their super-abusive father, Thanos. These two probably have the most personal investment in the death of the Mad Titan, though his threat against the Earth and the universe as we know it should be enough motivation for the rest of the team.

I like that Tony Stark, in his new Iron Man armor (I presume again), stands between the alien sisters in this poster; a very precarious position to be sure. However, Tony’s also sporting a fresh scratch (or scar?) under the eye, so he either cut himself shaving or is showing off some battle damage.

That about does it for this first look at the artwork of Avengers: Infinity War! If I missed anything, be sure to let me know in the comments. And for fun, see if you can spot Ant-Man. (I scoured this thing for him but could not find him. Perhaps he’s in the Quantum Realm…)


via Collider

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