‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2: David Tennant Returns as Kilgrave in New Image!! Check It Out!!

The most exciting thing to be about this Jessica Jones story is oh my god, we’re finally getting more Jessica Jones soon(ish)! It has been almost two years already, which is an eternity in TV time, and as Jessica is my favorite Defender, I have been not-so-patiently waiting for more (yes she is in The Defenders of course, but not enough).

Now on to the actual news: EW is reporting that Jessica Jones Season 1 villain Kilgrave (David Tennant) will be back in Season 2. Spoiler warning from here on out: we don’t know what exactly Tennant’s role as Kilgrave will be, though, since Jessica (Krysten Ritter) snapped his neck at the end of Season 1. I presume he’ll be back in flashbacks, since one of the major keys to Jessica Jones’ first season was the exploration of her PTSD in the aftermath of Kilgrave’s torture of her, which obviously doesn’t “disappear” just because she has gotten revenge on him.

Today, EW already revealed a photo of the pair from the set:


Image via EW

Isn’t Tennant just hamming it up and looking deliciously diabolical as the evil Purple Man? I think that him haunting Jessica would be a good thing for the show to include, but to actually resurrect him in any way would be a huge misstep. The Purple Man (Kilgrave) is a major part of Jessica Jones’ story in the comics, as he has immense and terrifying powers of mind control (like we saw in Season 1). But to see more of their history together as well as how he might still be in her mind now would add even more depth to what is Marvel’s best single Netflix season to date. I accept no substitutes!


via Collider

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