‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Teaser Reveals New Episode Titles!! Check It Out!!

It appears some of the episode titles for Stranger Things Season 2 are changing pretty drastically. The very first teaser for the second season, which announced that Season 2 was coming in the first place, included episode titles for all nine episodes, but creators/showrunners Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer subsequently revealed that some of those titles would be changing. Indeed, Netflix simply wanted a video to run with the Season 2 announcement, and the Duffer Brothers thought it would be more fun to include episode titles so they came up with some placeholders. This was before they had actually written the new season, and now that Season 2 is a few weeks away from release, everything is finalized and the real episode titles have been revealed.

The Stranger Things Season 2 episode titles come to us via a brand new video, which also features original artwork for each episode:

So yeah, it looks as though the rundown goes like this:

  • Chapter 1: Dragon’s Lair
  • Chapter 2: Trick or Treat Freak
  • Chapter 3: The Pollywog
  • Chapter 4: Will the Wise
  • Chapter 5: Dig Dug
  • Chapter 6: The Spy
  • Chapter 7, 8, and 9: Super Duper Secret

The only one of these that’s actually the same from that initial teaser is “The Pollywog”, and while that teaser titled the final three chapters as “The Secret Cabin”, “The Brain”, and “The Lost Brother”, those titles remain under wraps at this point in time. Since all episodes go online at the same time, one imagines those will be revealed on release day.

So yeah, more teases for the new season. “Trick or Treat Freak” suggests that’ll be our Halloween episode, as we’ve seen the cast members dressed up as the Ghostbusters to go trick or treating. But other than that, these episodes keep the story pretty well wrapped up in mystery. All will be revealed in a matter of weeks.

Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on October 27th.


via Collider

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