‘I Love You, Daddy’ Release Scrapped; HBO Drops All Louis C.K. Programming!!!

Nov 17

While rumors have circulated for years regarding about popular comedian Louis C.K. sexually assaulting women, those rumors were reported yesterday in a New York Times story. Multiple women said that C.K. forced them to watch him masturbate and then they were strong-armed into staying silent. It’s a sickening story and the fallout has been immediate.

The Orchard, which purchased C.K.’s new film I Love You, Daddy out of the Toronto International Film Festival for $5 million, has completely scrapped the release of the film, which was set to open in limited release next Friday. The film centered on a television producer (C.K.) whose teenage daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) starts dating a Woody Allen type (John Malkovich). C.K.’s character also has a friend (Charlie Day) who keeps miming masturbation in front of people. A movie that was billed as “provocative” back in September, I Love You, Daddy now seems like C.K. showing off his invulnerability yet hiding behind the notion that “everyone’s a pervert” as his character says.

Other companies are also getting out of the C.K. business. HBO has dropped all of C.K.’s past work for the network including his comedy specials and short-lived series Lucky Louie and they’ve also removed him from the lineup of the upcoming comedy special Night of Too Many Stars. I imagine in the days to come, FX, which produced and distributed his hit series Louie, will follow suit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix also removes his standup specials. [Update: Variety reports that Netflix has canceled the second standup special they had planned with C.K.]

The removal of C.K.’s work is the latest in an attempt by Hollywood to clean up its act, or at least force out the individuals whose repulsive behavior has finally come to light. Earlier this week, we learned that Ridley Scott would completely remove all scenes containing Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World and recast Spacey’s role with Christopher Plummer.


via Collider

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