‘Good Time’ Filmmakers to Remake ’48 HRS.’ with Jerrod Carmichael Co-Writing the Script!!

Since everything is getting remade these days, you may as well put the remakes in the hands of talented filmmakers. Benny and Josh Safdie have earned raves for their film Good Time and now they’ve been tapped to co-write and direct a remake of Walter Hill’s 1982 action-comedy 48 Hrs. The original starred Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte as a convict and a cop, respectively, who team up to catch cop killers in 48 hours. Jerrod Carmichael, who starred in and co-created the acclaimed The Carmichael Show, will co-write the script.

According to THR, the Safdies will write the script with Carmichael and their Good Time collaborator Ronald Bronstein. No casting decisions have been announced yet, and while it’s easy to see the talented Carmichael stepping into the Murphy role, I’m willing to bet that these collaborators are going to turn the story on its head and not simply do a safe remake. Whatever they put together, I’m sure it will be worth seeing.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here lamenting the fact that I haven’t gotten around to watch Good Time or The Carmichael Show yet even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about both. Good Time earned several Independent Spirit Awards, and The Carmichael Show, while disappointingly short-lived, pulled in rave reviews for using the sitcom format to tackle tough issues while still being funny and honest.


via Collider


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