Director Neeraj Pandey to Start Work on ‘Special 26’ Sequel!!

In 2013, filmmaker Neeraj Pandey amazed the movie lovers by giving Special 26. The movie was a period heist thriller and starred Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpayee in pivotal roles. The film was inspired by the 1987 Opera House heist where a group posing as Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officers executed an income tax raid on the jeweller in Mumbai. The movie was critically and commercially successful venture and it rooted Pandey’s steps in Hindi cinema. Soon after the film became a raging hit, there were talks that Pandey might come up with a sequel to it. Now, a source close to the daily had informed, “Neeraj is planning to start work on the Special 26 sequel. The film was critically-acclaimed and it had also got its due at the box office.”

Their insider had also revealed, “The titles that Neeraj’s Friday Film Works have registered are Special 2019, Special 2020, Special 2021 and Special 2022. The team has chosen these titles because they still don’t know which year the film will release. They will pick one of them, depending on their release date.”

Neeraj when asked about his plan of a Special 26 sequel, he smiled confirming, “Yes, we have registered a few titles. Let’s see when work starts. Like I mentioned, I still haven’t decided which film I’ll do next. But the titles are such that it could be in that year.” But when the director was asked whether the fans will get the chance to witness Akshay appearing in the sequel, he responded, “I won’t be able to comment on that. I don’t have any clue about it.”

Neeraj is one of the few directors of Bollywood who has a 100% hit record. All his films were critically and commercially hit and he is all set to give us a yet another impeccable story in the form of Aiyaary, which is releasing on 16th February.


via BollywoodMDB

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