‘Legends of Tomorrow’ to Make Matt Ryan a Series Regular In Season 4!!!

John Constantine it getting a second … third … fifth? chance at life it seems. The character, as played by Matt Ryan, first appeared in his own series on NBC in 2014 (which was cancelled in 2015). After that, Ryan appeared as Constantine on The CW’s Arrow, where the character remained so popular that a CW Seed animated series was created to focus specifically on him (and it premieres this weekend). And now, this season on Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine popped up on the Waverider to assist the Legends, which he will be doing again tonight — as well as next season.

As was announced today, if Legends of Tomorrow is picked up for a fourth season (and it will be), Matt Ryan will be upped to a series regular. One of the great things about Legends of Tomorrow is that it’s never afraid to get rid of, or add, cast members as needed. In its current season (one so good that it’s become the best series in the Arrowverse) the show has also started leaning into horror and the spirit realm, which is where Constantine comes in. It’s been a great addition to a show that can get as big and crazy as it likes since it’s all about time travel without any real rules.

Constantine is a big personality on a ship full of big personalities, but his banter will make for an interesting permanent addition to the team. The Legends have another new member to contend with first — Wally West, who has come over from The Flash, solidifying Legends‘ place as a show that takes characters from other shows (that didn’t know what to do with them), and provide a new context to make them shine. Of course, Constantine seems to work well wherever he goes, and his connection to the demon world will, again, surely provide some interesting new adventures for the Legends next season.

Let us know what you think of this casting in the comments; Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday nights on The CW, but for only four more weeks — after that, Supergirl returns to reclaim its spot.


via Collider

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