‘Deadpool 2’ Reshoots Only Took 6 Days Including A ‘Secret Cameo’!!!

There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding “Deadpool 2” in recent days. After star Josh Brolin said, in an interview, that he was part of recent reshoots, fans and internet pundits started rumors that the film was “in trouble.” However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, this is far from the case, and in fact, part of the re-shoots was to add a “secret” cameo.

In the report, it is revealed that “Deadpool 2” did, in fact, have reshoots last month, but they only shot for six days, which is three less than they did for the original “Deadpool” reshoots. So, yes, everyone can all calm down now. Not only that, but part of the reshoots included “two hours’ worth of work recently in Los Angeles for a secret cameo.”

Secret cameo, you say?

Now, clearly, the first name that will pop into everyone’s head is Hugh Jackman. He was the butt of a couple jokes in the original “Deadpool,” and would blow people’s minds if he returned for one last Wolverine appearance. But would that tarnish the amazing ending of his story in “Logan?” There’s also the chance that this cameo is just a random celebrity cameo, considering it only took two hours to film. If that’s the case, there are a million different options of who it could be. With a culturally-aware, comedic character like Deadpool, anyone from Betty White to Kim Kardashian would make sense.

Now, the other part of the report is the reveal of rumored test screening scores. THR is stating that the most recent test screening score for “Deadpool 2” is an astronomical 98, which is said to be better than the original “Deadpool’s” 91. While there’s a lot of talk about test screening scores, it’s important to understand that the human factor plays a large part in these screenings.

While THR is saying the atmosphere is that of a Super Bowl, in the test screening, keep in mind that this is all coming from a source that is most likely at Fox. Not only that, test screenings feature real humans, who also get excited about seeing big films early. How many times have you gone to an opening night of a big budget superhero film and had fans laughing at the stupid jokes and clapping at logos? Sure, not everyone is a superfan at these screenings, but the excitement of seeing “Deadpool 2” before anyone else just makes everything associated with the screening a little more heightened and hyperbolic.

Long story short, don’t believe the hype, just yet. Will people like “Deadpool 2?” Duh. They could replicate the exact same story, but fans of the character will eat it up. But will it be any good? Let’s just wait and see.


via The Playlist

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