‘Homeland’ Confirmed To End with Season 8!!!

When Homeland was picked up with a 2-season renewal by Showtime after Season 6, it felt like that could be the end. Eight seasons is a lot for any drama, even one that seeks to constantly reboot itself like Homeland does. Back at the TCA Press Tour in 2016, when asked EP Alex Gansa if the creators had an endgame in mind with Season 8, but he said they were taking things year by year.

However, he did reveal that, “I will say that in just a pie in the sky, we would all love to take this show back to Israel for that final season. That’s where the show came from. That’s how “Hatufim” started. That was the inspiration for the entire series, so it would be great to end the season and end the run there. But, you know, it’s a big question whether that will ever happen, whether we could ever go back there.”

This past week, star Claire Danes (who had previously joked that by Season 8, Carrie “becomes a master rollerblader”) appeared  on “The Howard Stern Show,” and spoke a little bit about things ending. Variety reports that,

“Now we’ve got one more season after this and then we’re wrapping it up,” Stern told Danes in the interview, to which Danes responded, “Yeah.” When Stern asked, “How do we feel about this?” Danes replied, “Really conflicted.” She added, “I’ll be ready for a reprieve from that,” noting that her character, Carrie Mathison, is “a lot.”

Homeland‘s current season (which will see its finale air on April 29th) has remained on U.S. soil as it takes on fake news and the paranoia of a President. It’s a season that has had some pretty radical ups and downs, but overall it’s stayed true to the themes of loyalty and governmental agency conflict that have always driven the series. Where things could go in Season 8 are uncertain, but it could give the show the right amount of time to wind everything down in a way that’s satisfying for long-time viewers.

Homeland airs Sunday nights on Showtime.


via Collider

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