‘Batman: Master of Fear’ Fan-Made Mini-Series Launches IndieGogo Campaign!!! Check It Out!!

Last year, Red Fist Productions and Ex Nihilo Films put together the first part of their Batman prequel mini-series Batman: Master of Fear. Now, they’re turning to IndieGogo in order to crowdsource funds for the next episode in the sequence, and they’ve released a new trailer to tease that next installment of their three episode arc. This is the time for you to get involved and help some super-fans bring their very own original take on the Batman universe to life!

Batman: Master of Fear is a live-action Batman web series envisioned as a prequel to the fantastic (and underrated) animated series Batman Beyond. Also inspired by Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman: Master of Fear centers on a version of Batman who displays his detective and martial arts skills against a Gothic Horror backdrop and even introduces a brand new villain to the mix by the name of Nightmare. You can find out much more by watching the videos below and, if you like what you see and want to kick in a few bucks to help the production, be sure to visit their IndieGogo campaign page here!

Check out the Batman: Master of Fear trailer below:

After Jim Gordon’s supposed demise, Batman returns to Gotham City to face his greatest fear…evolution. Batman Master of Fear is a three part miniseries created by Red Fist Productions and Ex Nihilo Films and we need your help to make the next two final episodes. If interested, please click the link to our campaign below and be apart of history in the making!!!

You can watch the original pilot in its entirety here as well:

Ever since his disappearance three years ago, Batman has been presumed dead by Gotham’s criminals. Now, evil is evolving by way of a new mysterious threat that wishes to bring Batman out from the shadows by destroying his closet ally–Jim Gordon. This is the first episode of a three-episode arc.

via Collider

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