New ‘Westworld’ Trailer Travels to Shogun World!!! Check It Out!!

With its fourth episode this season, “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” Westworld really stepped up its game. Season 2 has, so far, been mostly about moving pieces into place, and catching us up with a new timeline of events (mostly, but certainly not limited to, the two weeks after “The Incident”). But with “Sphinx,” Westworld used its timeline shifts to perhaps their greatest effect yet, not dragging things out over a season, but revealing within one episode the entire story of the Man in Black’s father-in-law’s quest for immortality — and how it hasn’t worked. It was scary, sad, and possibly the best episode of Westworld to date. But wait, there’s more!

There was a tease at the end of the previous episode where Maeve and her band of sundries crossover to the edge of Shogun World, which is where the series’ fifth episode this season, “A New World,” will take place. And with it, lots of subtitles, so get ready!

“A New World” has a lot of clever callbacks to the Westworld park and the beginning of the series, but then transforms into its own story. Plus, seeing these characters in a new environment, and opening the door to seeing more parks, is exceptionally fun. Check out the trailer for the upcoming episode below:

And, thanks to another new video that HBO released today, you can now go behind the scenes of “The Riddle of the Sphinx” with director Lisa Joy, executive producer Jonathan Nolan and actor Jeffrey Wright, where the group “discuss the behind the scenes elements that went into creating each space and how the environment reflects the storytelling that’s happening with the characters.” Check it out below:

Westworld airs Sunday nights on HBO.


via Collider

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