James Ransone to Play Eddie in ‘It: Chapter Two’!!!

Casting for It 2 is heating up, and yet another terrific actor is joining the sequel to play the adult counterpart of one of the lovable kids from the first film. Andy Muschietti is returning to direct the follow-up, which covers the second half of Stephen King’s source material and takes place 27 years after the original events, picking up with the characters as full-on adults. Jessica Chastain is onboard to play Beverly, James McAvoy is in talks to play Bill, and Bill Hader is in talks to play Richie. Now, The Wire alum and Sinister actor James Ransone has seemingly confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be playing the adult version of Eddie Kaspbrak in the follow-up film.

Ransone’s tweets are protected so we can’t 100% verify this information, but the folks at Consequence of Sound provided the below screenshot from someone who supposedly has access to Ransone’s tweets.


This is incredibly exciting and a great fit for the role, which Jack Dylan Grazer so memorably originated in last year’s mega hit. Indeed, It grossed $700 million worldwide—more than Warner Bros.’ own superhero team-up Justice League. Filming on the sequel is due to begin this summer, which is why casting is heating up.

It’ll be interesting to see how Muschietti aims to make It 2 distinct from the first film, especially given the time jump. He’s working with cinematographer Checco Varese (The 33) this time around instead of Chung Hoon-chung, who shot the first film, so that’s one way the aesthetic might be shifting.

This still leaves the adult counterparts of Mike, Ben, and Stanley left to be cast for the Losers Club, but I can’t wait to see what Muschietti and Co. come up with. Attracting A-List talent like Chastain, Hader, and McAvoy no doubt means they essentially have their pick, and Ransone is inspired casting for Eddie.


via Collider

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