Starz’s Follow-up to ‘The White Queen’ and ‘The White Princess’ aka ‘The Spanish Princess’ Has Begun Production!!!

Huzzah and kudos to Starz for commissioning a follow-up to The White Queen and The White Princess with The Spanish Princess, an adaptation of Philippa Gregory‘s novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse. Emma Frost, who helmed the first two series, will also be back alongside Matthew Graham as showrunners and EPs. The new series is also fully committed to making sure women are part of every facet of production. Birgitte Stærmose will be directing the first two episodes and joining an all-female director lineup, alongside editors, a DOP and crew who are also all women. The female gaze is turning its sights on Tudor England folks, and it’s going to be grand.

Additionally, The Spanish Princess‘ story will be focused on people of color living and working on 16th century London, as the titular Catherine of Aragon (played by Game of ThronesCharlotte Hope) is flanked by a diverse Spanish court as she heads to England. It’s a story never told or acknowledged in any (?) other period piece on TV, making it another important part of this production.

When spoken to Frost last year after the end of The White Princess, she mentioned wanting to tell the stories of women of color in history: “I would really passionately like to reclaim some of those stories […] when you start digging, there are so many women whose stories have not been told. Even Isabelle of Castille, who we have in our show, she’s a fantastic character who presides over Christopher Columbus, going off, exploring the new world. There’s all sorts of amazing women’s lives which have just never been told. And I think it’s time.” Heck yeah it is!

There’s no word yet on when the series will air, but hopefully we’ll see it before the end of the year (though it could also land in early 2019). Check out the full synopsis below; The Spanish Princess also stars Angus Imrie as Prince Arthur, Dame Harriet Walter as Margaret Beaufort, Laura Carmichael as Arthur’s guardian Margaret Pole, Ruairi O’Connor as Prince Harry (who will become King Henry VIII), Georgie Henley as his sister Margaret Tudor, with Elliot Cowan as King Henry Tudor and Alexandra Moen as Queen Elizabeth. 

Catherine of Aragon, is the beautiful young princess of Spain who was promised the English throne since she was a child. She arrives in a grey, rain-lashed England with her glorious and diverse court including her lady-in-waiting Lina. She is Princess of Wales now, but when her husband Prince Arthur dies suddenly, the throne seems lost to Catherine until she devises an audacious plan to set her sights on the new heir, the charismatic and headstrong Prince Harry who will one day rule as King Henry VIII. “The Spanish Princess” is the third limited series follow-up to the Golden Globe® and Emmy® award-nominated STARZ Original Miniseries “The White Queen” and the critically-acclaimed STARZ Original Limited Series “The White Princess.” The latest Limited Series is drawn from Philippa Gregory’s best-selling novels entitled The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse


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