‘Wonder Woman 2’ Supposedly Takes Place in 1984!!

With Comic-Con set to arrive next month, we’re likely to get some new details on Wonder Woman 2, and it looks like Geoff Johns is already eager to start sharing with fans. On his Twitter page, he changed his header image to the following:


Given his prominence in the DCEU, it’s unlikely the “WW” stands for anything other than Wonder Woman, and while there are still two DCEU movies ahead of Wonder Woman (Aquaman arrives in December and Shazam! opens in April), it’s now the flagship of the cinematic universe given that the original is the most popular movie they’ve done so far. We also know there will be a bit of a time jump for Wonder Woman but that the plot won’t be set in the modern day. That’s where the “84” comes in, highlighting that Diana could be fighting in the Cold War.

We’re also left to wonder if the full title will just be Wonder Woman: 1984, which wouldn’t be too bad. It quickly lets viewers know when the movie takes place and they already know that Wonder Woman has kept her youthful appearance due to Batman v Superman and Justice League.

So where does that leave the plot? The Cold War offers plenty of interesting plotlines, especially with Kristen Wiig cast as the villainous Cheetah. Could Wonder Woman have to stop a nuclear launch? Could it be a bit of a spy mission with an older, wiser Diana who believes in humanity but understands that she has to work behind the scenes to keep us safe? And will there possibly be a return to Themyscira in the cards? When she last left, she was told she could never return, but with such a rich setting, I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes back home.

Wonder Woman 2 opens November 1, 2019.


via Collider

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