‘Gotham’s Final Season Will Run For Just 10 Episodes!!!

Gotham will have a final run of episodes to wrap up its Baby Batman story, but maybe not as many episodes as fans might have hoped. In an Instagram Live post, Camren Bicondova (who plays Selena) said that the series has been picked up for 10 episodes that will air in January. We knew that the series wouldn’t be back before midseason, but that episode count is a little bit of a puzzler. Gotham needs just 12 more episodes to hit the 100 episode mark, i.e. what’s usually considered the threshold for syndication. But, it’s not an ironclad rule, so if Gotham closes out with 98 episodes, it will still more than likely be syndicated.

When it was first announced at the Fox TV upfronts in May that Gotham would be renewed for a fifth and final season, it was also revealed that those last episodes will revolve around Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman. Though the show started as focusing more on Ben McKenzie‘s Jim Gordon, it has morphed over the years into keeping David Mazouz‘s Bruce Wayne at the forefront of the story.

Fox has not yet confirmed the episode order, so there’s still a chance it could be different from what Bicondova said, although probably not drastically. Because truly, how can they fit in another recasting or two of Poison Ivy in just 10 episodes? And imagine how much insanity will be packed in to just those few hours!

In other Gotham-related news, The CW’s DC universe will be introducing Gotham City and the character of Batwoman into its connected canon starting with its crossover episodes this year. Also, Epix has picked up a Pennyworth prequel series that isn’t connected to Fox’s Gotham (nor will it star Sean Pertwee), but will “take place in 1960s London and will explore the origins of the former British SAS soldier who forms a secret company and goes to work with billionaire Thomas Wayne.”


via Collider


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